Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Logic of Selling Out(The Healthcare Reform Bill)

"Legislative failures have been very good for Wall Street this year."

-----------CNBC Stock Analyst December 2009.

Healthcare Insurance Company stocks have gone up 30% since the
Healthcare Reform Bill offered up by Senator Baucus was released.
Pharmaceutical Company stocks have been up 30%. By mandating
people to buy Insurance and having no public option the few Healthcare
Corps, nearly trusts, have no competition and thus have no check on
their charges. They could not have hoped, reading President Obama's
campaign rhetoric i.e. "Why mandate something most people can't
afford?" "What we need is a solid public option.", they could ever get
such a sweetheart deal with his "Reform" bill.

Now the White House cries not passing this sham reform bill
will bankrupt the country. Didn't we hear this on the eve of the executive
decision to pass the bank bail outs? Sadly, in the case of the Healthcare
Reform Bill, he's merely fearmongering. It truly is a disgrace how far
his noble campaign rhetoric has fallen to scare tactic calculation. In
this he mirrors his predecessor. The Bill should be killed.

This "Reform" process has shown both parties are shills
for corporate interest. Last night they passed a bill to outlaw
approved foreign pharmaceuticals in the United States. This gift to
the Pharmaceutical gougers of the US was voted for by a majority of
Democratic Senators. No party is for the people. The Stupak Amend.
still stands in the Bill.

We are witnessing one of the greatest sell outs in history. The
Healthcare Industry didn't spend nearly a billion dollars for nothing.


Beysshoes said...

My Dearest Bonbon, Rhetoric like this feeds the hysteria and anger and adds nor changes anyhing. Many have labored long and hard for this meager bill.
... I've posted a blurb in my "Nightjar" ... that serves as rebuttal to your banging on pots and pans. Please come visit. Love, Bey

Anonymous said...

There is no reasonable way to fashion chicken soup out of chicken shit.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

In short, while the House bill doesn't impose a single-payer, Canadian-style health care system, it does give federal bureaucrats - in this administration or any future administration - the power to impose precisely such a system without any further congressional action.

This is the most redeeming statement from the following article, however it's a small false hope that would only imply that everyone has acted in bad faith and how many will suffer and die before it comes to fruition.

Happy Holidays,
The Innkeeper