Saturday, June 25, 2016


In her eyes
      narrow streets open
     From her mouth
            sultry air blows

        over Estremadura

    Dark Amphioness,
           Lisbon remembers
  Her beauty,
      crafted in song,

       The Tejo
  slips through open



Thursday, June 23, 2016


"Just as technology is always revealing nature from a new perspective, so also, as it impinges on human beings, it constantly makes for variations in their most primordial passions, fears, and images of longing."  Benjamin, The Arcades Project, K.

Saturday, June 18, 2016


      What is told
         another takes,

Spirited away
   by reckoned steps.

Anoint tongues
in endless night

  and teach

A Vigil


It matters not the Sun rose
  above measured breath.
Will morrow bring the same?
   Will her body cast
    its winsome frame?
This bed, a familiar shell,
       purls my name.


What foam did she rise from,
   Suppose gold locks
obscured Phoebus' eyes
        as she shored...
  The Gods' smiles set
     'neath her pillow,
lost in futile approximation.


Thro' unbroken night,
   still hours centuries,
    stroking her hair...
   Overlooking dream
between world and world.


Heavy fog swathes the pallid cone of Helicon.
 No longer touched
   by paternal light,
 Maidens scatter
    to lower lying vales.

A thread was lost.
  The boughs hush
     their plaintive hymns.

Mother's arms awkwardly crown this wearisome head.
No longer touched
   by maternal light,
my face descends
     to her lenient breast.

A thread was found.
   The cloth stills
     my plaintive sobs.

Thursday, June 02, 2016


Paula draws the counterpane gently
and settles in sleep's misty close.

Lazily I drift to the largo of her inspiration.

At the desk lies a book
unevenly parted by
my left hand,
I read the legend:

           "Absolute Freedom and Terror"

                     A nimbus parts the son's hair.
                     His head settles a copse's lassitude.
                     Mother is the soft moss he rests upon.
                     The counterpane, a softer lid, covers eyes.
                     A shadow show murmurs 'til Father stirs.


Song shines in those eyes.

Claw them out,
Heave them up

Night, like heavy fragrance,
sated with love's scent

Strangles the sweet breath
       of paradise in