Thursday, August 23, 2007


"Newton wrote not only the Principia but also a treatise on the
topography of Hell."

---Arthur Koestler

In pain and struggling to be reasonable, I stammer. My jaw
has a Heart of Pain beating dagger thrusts------ Again the
ordeal of an impacted Wisdom Tooth.
I shuffle by people with a humble, eyes averted, gait. The last
thing desired is attention. This is the antipode of my usual approach
to the world.
I have never loved everything so much. Pain brings everything closer.
I yearn for its repose in my eyes. Kindness flows from me as a kind of
physical contrition.
I am not broken and soon the Heart of Pain will no longer beat. Then
everything will return to its familiarity and I will seek the light of all.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Echo of Blonde

lost in
clone streams

the gold's
rippled gleams

Light and lust,
eyes to blonde
clarity rise

Burning bands
dyeing fair
bleach blonde skies.