Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Where the shore turns,
where waters shift

Trees trap golden spray
of spring days
on coat of leaves

Tender gestures lose themselves
in shrouds of shade and 
river's sigh

Take my hand, EunoĆ«, 
and set a sunflower in 
your heaven of dark hair

where the shore turns,
where waters shift.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Passion of the Bail Out

A solitary person cannot help, or save, an age; he can only give
expression to the fact that it is going under.

--------------------Soren Kierkegaard, Journals.

1. The bail out is a foregone conclusion. The posturing of various
members of the United States Congress is amusing. Wall Street
is the Main Street of Political Fundraising. (Writing this before
the Senate vote is taken.)

2. The Age of the Creditor has not ended. But a Via Dolorosa awaits
every debtor. Look forward to bankruptcy law reforms.

3. It is amazing how ubiquitous and, at the same time, how invisible
this crisis is......A Stock correction here--a rebound---we are
cushioned by the abstract nature of credit. Nobody will lose a meal
over the present crisis. A home?

4. Debtors will walk with bare feet. It is very Christian to let the liquidity
of the Federal Reserve wash clean their sins(debts). By letting
the living Gods of Finance get buoyed the debtor is saved. How Golgotha!

5. The Bail Out is necessary because it limits an abstraction from becoming
real. If we keep running in place collapse will never occur. Nothing can rest--
Not even economy.

6. No morals preached, though it is the Elephant in the room. Why not mention
that people living above their means and being encouraged by government funded
mortgage firms and backed by investment firms is a triangle of abstracted
success gone wild? Like infinitesimal calculus--the details irrupt the abstraction.
Playing House now has losers-before it was never a game--just pretense.

7. America is still childish in its strength. A smack on the hand is needed. Let's not
turn away and allow the child to sulk in the shadows of neglect.

8. In the Market we trust. The Delphic Oracle of our future--401k's.

9. Be long term. In the fullness of time all things are possible.

10. All bail outs redeem from the top down. Laugh if you must. I am.