Sunday, February 18, 2007


The shaft that cuts
deepest is light,
                            wound illuminate

                           Secret desires cohabit,
cloaked from acute

                          Night of caverns, come

Beneath sheets
tales divert
                         this contagion

Warm eyes
stir pages,
                        plaguing words  

Love's memory shies from daylight 'til night cuts shared breath to shame.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Death Makes Everything Ridiculous

"The humor melancholicus, when it takes fire and glows, generates
the frenzy which leads us to wisdom and revelation..."

--------------- De Occulta Philosophia, Henry Cornelius Agrippa.

Some Parallels Between Scientology and Pharmacopaland

1. Stress on Body Chemistry based on absolutely no scientific data.
One cries to the heavens about Brain Chemistry without one
Significant finding which links anything in the brain to certain
"new" ailments--like RLS --Restless Leg Syndrome, ADHD, ADD
etc.....But the drugs are there!
The other, through brainwashing and a supposed chemical fasting
and cleansing regime promotes a "clean mind through a clean body"
--they publish books on it. Let us not forget Dianetics.

2. Though neither are based on any concrete scientific data--other than
studies done by outfits which stand to profit from positive results which
support their findings--People who support each viewpoint are quick to
point out the stupidity and close mindedness of those who doubt their
unproven assertions. These folks take these ideals as GOSPEL---If they
are doubted it is taken as a personal affront. Their FAITH is insulted.
It is akin to telling a Christian that Jesus Christ was a crackpot.

3. Each value system, or curative system, is seen as a Panacea. Pills are the
answer in Pharmacopaland--Scientology and Clean Body, "Dianetics" is
the answer. These trends are mainly misplaced messianism strains. One
is a Psychoactive Cult which places faith in the Pharmaceutical Gods to
ease and smooth out the speed bumps in life and promote a calmer living.
The other is a Secretive Cult which prides itself on secret knowledge and
special behaviors which place its "elect" above most others. Both are, again,
modern messianic answers to Christianity--One through man and medicine
(pills)--the other through Science Fiction, a Ponzie Scheme and a highly
selective "elite" who prove themselves through tests in order to attain the
status of being "chosen" people.

4. Each has a glaring weakness. They do not face death.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Against the Storm of Swill(My Regards to Ernst Junger)

"Mental confusion is not always chaos."

-------- Georg Lukacs, Preface to History and Class Consciousness, 1967.

1. Today the Pharmacopaland authorities have stated 1 in 150 children have Autism.
Hypothesis non fingo has never banked on so much.

2. Pharmaceutical Co's have become the World's largest drug pushers.

5. Do you need a sedative? Could it be your Avatar of Paradise?

6. Uncut Cocks look like rolled up socks.

7. It's alright to laugh.

8. We are all one decision or step from madness. Again, it's alright.

9. A new dimension of gravity is provided by the Media Satellites.

10. Death is never really news.

11. The peaceniks weep over the dying in Iraq these days--Where were their tears when
millions of women and children were left to die in Iraq because of US led Sanctions?
(2.5 Million, mostly women and children, dead according to the UN) I guess Dubya is
more trendy to hate than Bubba.

12. Let's learn to insult one another with love.

13. Again, Jesus Christ was the first Suicide Bomb.

14. I wish Karl Kraus was alive and writing.

15. Gods are humming in my ear. My head feels pleasantly warm.

16. To love Wisdom is to take on a ubiquitous third.

17. Hate and anger are not as bad as misplaced esteem.

18. Brain Chemistry is talked about most by people who know absolutely nothing
about it. In that way it is akin to God and religion.

19. Listen more and talk less. Every writer knows this.