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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Where Is Professor Juan Cole When Libya Needs Him?

Protesters storm provisional government headquarters in Benghazi, Libya. If only Professor Juan Cole was there to assuage those who have suffered thousands of bombs, deaths, and chaos from NATO's "humanitarian" intervention. Dr. Cole tends to support the early militaristic phase of intervention and then, after the dust settles and brutalized people awaken and protest, he pivots to "criticism"(e.g. Iraq, Afghanistan). Or he could just remain silent(e.g. Serbia).  

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Chord to discord tongues split spoken word.
Invisible hands to mouth break accord.

We accept dominion as tenderness.
Each affront a novel duress
because value is meaningless.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The United States, Empire of Pain

Poverty, Prisons, Torture, Predatory Finance, Drone Assassination, Occupation, Sanctions, Embargoes, Ubiquitous Surveillance: Pain for all who do not submit to elite Pain-givers.

Media celebs ask politicians how they, to be "serious" leaders, will introduce MORE PAIN to the people of "America". How many more prisons can be built? How many more homeless tent cities?

Nary a question about business subsidies, tax evasion by elites, increased military spending and a globalized torture and assassination policy. Pain-giving is always encouraged, never questioned. That's "serious".

It is no surprise Industrial Strength Sadism is fashionable with "American" elites. Inflicting pain on others has been a successful model, easily reformed and expanded, for over three centuries. Not surprising, as the elite's wealth and power grows, pain killer use is now epidemic in the "Greatest Nation Forever".

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Decay of Perspective

"I like being able to fire people."

"I like being able to drone murder anyone I deign a terrorist without due process or oversight."

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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Jonathan Turley Trickles the Bloody Tripe

My comment on this--->

Nice article.
My only quibble is this gibberish:
"You do not 'support our troops' by denying the principles for which they
are fighting."
US troops, with rare exception, fight to serve Imperial need for resource control and extraction. To write such an absurdly naive sentence after so many war crime sprees(Not in any specific order: Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mexico, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Cuba, North America etc..) is quite astonishing. It’s nice rhetoric. But the history of US military action in the real world, beyond idylls of patriotic idolatry and rank nationalism, displays an endless abattoir of Capital’s expansion.

When a Political System Has No Legitimacy Authentic Reactionaries Become Messiahs to Luminaries of the Blogosphere

We champion a few institutions sanctioned by the State above all others, Markets and Private Property.  

(Dedicated to Glenn Greenwald, the CATO Institute, Andrew Sullivan, and other Luminaries of the Blogosphere, not forgetting salaried Think Tankers)

It has come to this. "Authentic principles". Championing a candidate for a few sacred threads while ignoring the entire fallen cloth. A man who preaches Gilded Age laissez-faire propertarianism has more appeal than the standard brand R, brand D, establishment candidates (though he carries an R). This is a good thing. Ideological revanchism, hearkening back to original principles lost, will, hopefully, lead to a look past the fog of nostalgia, and inspire a clearer appraisal of our nation's "sacred" origin. Eh, maybe not.

No serious person believes Candidate Paul has a chance, even if elected, of dismantling the War Machine, Inc.. In fact, he himself, at times, finds it necessary to back war when popular opinion demands. He wholeheartedly supported the Afghan War after 9/11, an aggressive action just as unjust and criminal as the Iraq War. A small quibble to be sure, but purists have died for less inconsistency.

Erstwhile blogger activists jumping on Paul's bandwagon still "want to believe" in the system. They treasure hopes this nation will recapture original integrity lost. Alas, rooting for one last daddy figure.

Rep. Paul is the "smarter and better" Reagan of the blogosphere. His failings are charming to bandwagoners who label them "authentic". And, yes, those failings are mere shade set against the billion dollar midnight of establishment money machine politics.

But Rep. Paul has been part of that machine for decades. What has he done other than be a well spoken memento mori for the "Republic"?