Friday, November 24, 2006

Defining Deficit Sub Specie Saeculi

"The sun is the soul of our universe."
Dust to the River, A Dialogue. Amoricus Calydon.

Soul: A ware heavily traded by the "Vendors of the Afterlife".
Mind: No locus or focus needed. An airy nexus of socially mediated
cliches gestated in the lungs.
Race/Ethnic Theory: Arbitrary assignations treated as Gospel.
God: A collective ideal of the perfect human.
Science: Humanity's attempt to know and see as a God. Man ascending
the Cosmic Throne. Secular Religion. Man Towards Godhood.
Morality: An inconvenience to comfort.
Deficit: The intolerance of instant gratification. From ADD to the National Deficit
to Personal Debt. Not a disorder but the imposition of an impatient order.
Suffrage: A fool's panacea.(cf. Education)
Shame: An impediment to gratification.
Institutions (Religion, Politics, Arts etc.): Where humans place the blame for their own
Punishment: A terrible doctor: One who wounds something other than where the
true hurt lies.
Atheism: Impatience with silence. Oddly, the only true Atheism is absolute quietism.
Death: Cosmically nonexistent. Nothing ever dies. Nothing is ever born.
Artificiality: An impossibility. The laziness of misapplied metaphysics. (cf. Death)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I Am Celestial

"I am everyone",
I sing
More than knowing

Flows from the fount
of dry lips

Light of my teeth
such Sunny splendor

Lone clouds
full and luminous
as spheres
of ejaculate

Sail like
thin women's

put your ears
to the ground


It's Her song
to the heavens

I am everything
heaven and earth
battle for

Only skies/////////////////////////////////// to the beat of raindrops
cry enough////////////////////////////////// (I)everyone sing
to break
Mother's dirty