Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spent Poets Union


worn out coiners,

pages of tomes
pricked by

are spent.

                                     Out of breath
                                     and on the run
                                     from death's
                                     stifled orison. 


torn out corners,

sing to somber shades
of the clamorous city
Siren cries of home
forged in harmony.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Solace Lost ( A Call at 6 A.M.)

a broken dream
voice answers
against a
crumpled pillow
(don't ask me,
I know).

Can we lay
Is it
enough my breath
filters through
the holes
of your
cordless phone?

Expiring a continent
it seems other
objects draw you
from the elliptic
of our love.

My heart beats
green as grass.

Tenuous as a dew drop
on the blade.

Consolation never
comes from
tired sighs
or drawn out
love laden

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Song of the Towers

Leaden wings coldly sculpt skyclad reflection.
Smoke steals cordial light from this sheltered season.
Tired limbs beat against bland skies to sate motion.
Clouds of motes waft from pyres of human reason.

Towers rise to crown heaven with iron diadems.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The End of an Era: The Nature Boy Retires

As a child I had two obsessions my father
fretted over, Professional Wrestling and
Soul Train. He bemoaned their derogatory
effect on my character.

I only enjoyed "Rasslin" because of one
man, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair. He was always
dressed well, had long blonde hair, sported gold
chains and watches and talked about how wonderful
it was to be him. He flew in jets, was driven around in
limousines and had all the gorgeous women he wanted.
In short, I viewed him as a God.

He'd appear on TBS back in the 80's insulting
everyone, cheating in matches and making people
"learn to love it". He was the "best thing going today!".
His interviews were the stuff of Shakespearean
soliloquies. Anyone who fell short of his impossible
standards were "ham and eggers".

He was the best entertainer in the world for three
decades. Wowing crowds everywhere from North Korea
to New York City. A consummate performer who never
had an off night.

His performances captured my imagination as a child
and still have the vibrancy and glory of the first witnessing
of them. Ric Flair will always be "the Man". He is a legend
unrecognized by so many due to class prejudices against
rasslin. Of course it's fake---just like movies and most
music(production)--does that detract from them?

A part of my childhood has died. Happily I have

buried it in my heart.