Sunday, December 24, 2006

Certain Way and Light

Wars never end.
They always create 
climes to inoculate.

Must we smile upon days
when the love of blood sways?

Lights make this night
clear as an empty page.
Damp wind darkens
hair like heavenly ink.

Heads heavy, with bliss and ink,
on this path to certain light.
Our stellar home outshines heaven.

Though the poor bleed dark rivers far away,
We are merry in our own way.

By grace of the coming day 
may our blood not spill but allay.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Silver Lining

The gravity of infinite possibility crushes day. ---Me, 2001. To the whiteness they ascend. An effrontery to the Gods? Lost even with a lone call over the radiowaves. The sanctity takes them up in a wisk of icy wind. Tears fail to form so close to heaven. My slow ascension begins. Filsaime announced it to me. I did not believe him. My brother's friend only speaks truth. Uphill my path goes. If my lungs burn it, as the Roman mother killing herself, by a stab to the heart, over the grief of her only son's death, "does not hurt". Time is the dagger. Have a Merry Christmas all.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

As the Heavens Shit On a Hero........

Tis all in peeces, all coherence gone
All just supply, and all Relation......

John Donne

The infant was Microwaved nearly a year ago. Mumsy thought he was cold
and needed a good warming.
A hero abandons his wife and child to seek help in a blizzard. In an unknown
environ he begins his foolish trek. He abandons his wife and child for good.
The Stars shit on would be heroes as the light smiles on bastards everywhere.
Make your plans folks. Leaven your endeavor with a purpose. There the comedy
A new plan for Babylon. By a Babel of experts answers come. Delphic to
the bloodied sands. Laughter reigns over the heavens. Hold your cabals. Drag
up the cadavers of yesteryear to peddle oracles.
I kick the Dandelion thistles and watch them twist in the wind. Torturously
they refuse to settle. As a child I was taught to never place faith in heroes.
As it is above so below. I shit knowing Stars are brilliant turds.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Defining Deficit Sub Specie Saeculi

"The sun is the soul of our universe."
Dust to the River, A Dialogue. Amoricus Calydon.

Soul: A ware heavily traded by the "Vendors of the Afterlife".
Mind: No locus or focus needed. An airy nexus of socially mediated
cliches gestated in the lungs.
Race/Ethnic Theory: Arbitrary assignations treated as Gospel.
God: A collective ideal of the perfect human.
Science: Humanity's attempt to know and see as a God. Man ascending
the Cosmic Throne. Secular Religion. Man Towards Godhood.
Morality: An inconvenience to comfort.
Deficit: The intolerance of instant gratification. From ADD to the National Deficit
to Personal Debt. Not a disorder but the imposition of an impatient order.
Suffrage: A fool's panacea.(cf. Education)
Shame: An impediment to gratification.
Institutions (Religion, Politics, Arts etc.): Where humans place the blame for their own
Punishment: A terrible doctor: One who wounds something other than where the
true hurt lies.
Atheism: Impatience with silence. Oddly, the only true Atheism is absolute quietism.
Death: Cosmically nonexistent. Nothing ever dies. Nothing is ever born.
Artificiality: An impossibility. The laziness of misapplied metaphysics. (cf. Death)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I Am Celestial

"I am everyone",
I sing
More than knowing

Flows from the fount
of dry lips

Light of my teeth
such Sunny splendor

Lone clouds
full and luminous
as spheres
of ejaculate

Sail like
thin women's

put your ears
to the ground


It's Her song
to the heavens

I am everything
heaven and earth
battle for

Only skies/////////////////////////////////// to the beat of raindrops
cry enough////////////////////////////////// (I)everyone sing
to break
Mother's dirty

Friday, September 01, 2006

Avuncular Dismay(A Defense of Binx)

"And do all shelfers talk sense?" said Pavel Petrovich, and his face assumed a distant,
aloof expression, as if he had withdrawn into the clouds.

--------- Fathers and Sons, Ivan Turgenev(modified), Chapter 6.

We have all had the distinct pleasure of experiencing the fustian airs
of Monsieur Binx. It is a shelf rite of passage to be "tut-tutted" in a jocular
way by this great man. We all err. And, rest assured, kind Uncle Binx is
there to mend our ways.
It does appear at times that Binx lacks a humorous bone in his corpus.
But doesn't someone have to correct the little errancies of the rabble. It's
mighty kind of Binx to take it so modestly on his spacious backside. This lack
of humour is his greatest strength. A straitened martyrdom he gladly suffers
for our sakes.
I commend him. Where would we be without such guidance? His actions are not
pas de deux for plaudits. Popularity is not his aim. Accept his superiority and
gain his everlasting esteem. If he so deigns to esteem your ascription of
his merit.
Aye, all is mystery and pregnant with nuance in Binx's world. We, callow
seekers for the Gold of truth, should bend our backs to Binx's superior
yoke. The Ox never rebels under the yoke of the land's husband. So,
likewise, our Doxies should never rise and question Master Binx's "furrowing".
I timorously await Master Binx's appraisal of this humble piece of praise
in his defense. Dare I even admit he needs a defense!?

Humbly Yours,

Beloved Shepherd

Monday, August 14, 2006

A Gourmand's Complaint

"Let's eat if you don't mind. This is the sauce of all order."

----"Trimalchio's Feast", Petronius Arbiter, The Satyricon.

Dreary and glamorless the table fare of America stands. What, with
careerism and familial care, can a person do to refine the pleasures of
dining? Where can one, like Diogenes with the lamp, find a well made
meal without pawning the Silver Plate?
A travail it is to travel from table to table savoring only butter fat and
corn syrupy sugar. One bloats like a blowfish and cries, like the rich
Parisian suffering from indigestion to the starving beggar, "I would
happily trade places with you!" Indeed, the American palate has fallen
on hard times.
The answer is not an American one. One cannot buy refinement with
the Almighty Dollar. Distinction has to be exercised. Experimentation
must be mingled with delicacy. Then the American Palate will rise from
the depths of the Alpha and Omega of Salt and Sugar.
Where is the Muse of the Refined Table? Where have the Banquets
of yesteryear gone? Ecca Femina! Behold the Woman who takes this
heavy crown. A Queen no Lesser than the Queen of Sheba! Alone, she
wishes to introduce a weekly Symposium. Her Majesty's throne is a seat
at the refined table. The only Law is to serve your palate's pleasure.

Your Faithful Servant,

Alcibiades Arbiter
Reina Christina

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dark Eagles Dive Around the Head(Apropos of Trakl)

"A sudden and thoughtless fright."

-------------Paston Letters, On Henry VI, King of England ca. August 1453.

Iraq is an admitted mess. Shiite Iraqis have protested in anger the US's open
arming and support of Israel's punitive airstrikes of Lebanese civilian centers.
Hezbollah is now seen as an Heroic Resistance group fighting Israel and the US.
Things could not get worse for the United States and the United Kingdom, i.e. the
"Friends of Israel". Is it any surprise we now have a spectacular discovery of an
"incredibly, breathtaking" conspiracy by Al-Qaeda to bomb over 10 US Airliners
over the Atlantic in the "next two weeks"? (Nota bene the vagueness.) Our heroes
have stymied the "terrorists" again! When everything was going to pot--VOILA ICI!
Cheney told the Democrats! Dubya warned us this is a worldwide war and we must
always be vigilant! Keep the masses fearful and thankful! To believe these magnificent
coups of intelligence begs the question--What happened on 9-11? Where were our
Superheroes then? The News stations are salivating!!!!! The people, credulous, and
frightened, thank their lucky stars as bombs rain on Lebanon.
Shall we, like HenryVI, vouchsafe our own sovereignty to fear? Shall we fall for it?
No tower can be built high enough to dam the tidal, media backed, waves of horseshit.

Monday, July 31, 2006

An Open Field(Firenze 1478)

Black Company sings solemnly
down Via dei Malcontenti,
past Gates of Justice.

The curses, blot them out.
This Calvary cart,
immortal ignominy.

My blood must quench
Heaven's disfavor.

The City finds me unclean,
lest demons or plague
unite in my design.

Bankers and The Eight,
never miserly about blood,
I thank thee.

In grace am I not
to be hung from 
the Bargello window?

Lord, my only creditor,
pay this debt.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Heavenly Bloom of Rockets Like Sunflowers/TombLover

typosis en psyche


A friend who wishes to remain anonymous has requested
a unique tomb:

A giant white marble phallus standing erect out of the ground
with two balls behind(globes with flat tops serving as benches) and
a hole atop the Phallus from where a jet of water will eternally spurt
into a pool in the front. It will be an "Eternal Ejaculation" to honor life.

In the future Graveyards will be webpages.


Drain the sea, wash fire from the sky.
It burns where children weep and die.

Sunflowers fall like rebel Angels.

Deadly booms we imagine blooms
to make light of misfortune.

Water never runs.
Its legs, like 
light, are gone.

Mother weeps in darkness
and silently prays for the time
of Prophets,

Pure and gold
as Sun's polished

Saturday, July 08, 2006



From the womb all madness comes,
ere it shines like two Suns
burning skin. 

Mystery hounds love into wilds
where raving maids sing death.


Lost limbs
midwife abortion. 

Io Hymenae! 
Bleed madness
into e'ery hymn!

Song severs his head.


Hollow and wan it floats past
       on clouded water.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Tsunami of Bullshit(Topical Observations)

1. The Israeli invasion of Gaza is an unprecedented and illegal escalation of Israel's continuous mistreatment of the Territories. The bombed the power grid and have bombed buildings and manned the bulldozers. The rationale--to rescue one soldier who was part of a violent incursion against the Palestinians---as soon as the invasion began the Palestinians, who have no US made tanks and missiles, kidnapped a settler too--this is their only form of offense......No outcry from the UN...No criticism from anyone. 2. The "Protection of the Flag" amendment thankfully was voted down. The idea of the greedy bastards in the Senate telling us what is sacred and what isn't galls the sensibility of any intelligent being. These people who deny minimum wage increases and yet increase their wages at every opportunity obviously think the flag is worth more than a US Citizen. They spend time debating this bullshit issue. While allowing healthcare to go unheeded---Protect the Flag! Keep the Queers from Marrying! Bullshit. 3. Cable news only presents spectacles and "threats to our lives". They also love to to bring together opposing sides for some "heated exchanges"---all bullshit. 4. The FBI's bust of an "alleged" Al Qaeda Cell in Miami bends the credulity of even the most suspicious. Yes, 8 poor Haitians with no money, no durable transportation, no explosives and no true contacts with Al Qaeda other than a US Agent pretending to be from Al Qaeda offering cash--were hell bent on taking out the US! A plot to take down the Sears Tower(an idea offered by the Agent).....Yes folks! Thank God the Authorities are protecting us from desperate Haitians(slave laborers in the US and their country exploited by the US since the 19th century(interventions since including many US led coups). This was a poor set-up. The men were desperate patsies. Their legal help will be minimal---Disgraceful Bullshit. 

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Milton's Nightmare

The field
To labour calls us now with sweat imposed

Paradise Lost, XI, 171-2

Our brow's sweat
savors no bread.

License cherished
as Liberty goes

                                    Past pillars
                                        Cerberean throngs,
                                    surfeit with cake,

Lack spirit and
virtuous sinews
for the Letter.

They stoop
under the yoke.
                                     Water, truth's tears  
                                      embitter seas.
                                      Air, a trillion waves of

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Spiritus II (Dance)

Limbs drunk 
on consonant wine,
waves break as hips 
dip in time. 

We shift in accord,
and catch rose petals 
on heels.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Spiritus I

Children settle
to the cadence
of Mother's breath.

Fanfare Sun of
noontide May---

The Gold of
your pitiless rays
hammer squints
on boys' faces.

Long ago
in grasses
pliant to breeze

We ran
past fanfare.

Mother's call

in pure cadence.

Monday, April 24, 2006

The Lay of Mammon

"I have made a pact with Prostitution to sow disorder in families." "Maldoror", Book I, VII, Lautreamont.

With infinite sadness I wail the sufferings of Mr. Lay. A fallen angel flapping his fractured wings from the deepest pit of Hell fails to attain the quantum of sadness endured by Ken Lay. He did no wrong. From his vacation house in Vail, Colorado, his wife's mascara washes down her face like the mighty Orinoco. One would think Hera's upset over another infidelity of randy ole Zeus. This sadness cuts deeper. It involves bank accounts, horded treasure--a birthright! The Titans of Law have stormed Olympus! Pan pipes on Argos! The Old Gods are dead! (Hardly.)

Someone had to fall. The true God still stands. Banks are now open on Sunday.....Bye Bye churches. If you wish to swindle and rob the people--Do it with zest, sans pretence--Then retire with a nice Pension!(CF. Mr Oil Man with bad teeth who can still smile fulsomely)

Justitia's a whore. She'll take a Lay over an oily stage any day. It's all about appearances.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Resonance and Transcendence

The only sincere Atheism is silence.


We who speak, write or sing implicitly place faith
in a transcendent third. Be it a God or Gods or Dead
Ancestors with titles. For how else could we posit
meaning? No God or Gods before speech...No death
in the spiritual sense either. Only with Consciousness
and self-Consciousness comes Gods or God or spirits.
Such consciousness is lingual. It is the ground of
perception and apperception. Gods are the collective
hope surpassing Death.

A proof of the lingual/theological connection is the zeal
for a universal language centered in the West after the
establishment of the "Revealed Universal Religion"(Christianity).
It also determines political discourse. Power always speaks
through God or Gods. Be they Ideals of a Messianic Proletariat
or Pallas Athene.



Sunday, April 02, 2006

Past and Present Day Yahoos


At present I am reading Swift's "Journal to Stella". A collection
of private letters written to a Ms. Johnson and Dingle(Stella and Dingle)
during the last years of Queen Anne's reign.

The letters paint a vivid tableau of political strife between Whigs and
Tories. Swift was alienated from the Whigs and growing closer
to the Tories. Many felt he was an opportunist because of the ascendancy
of the Tories at the time. It's an unfair charge.
The bitter party strife led Swift to pen great satires on how inimical and
ridiculous political factionism can be. Reading these letters helps me see
how ridiculous todays factions are in America. As Swift wrote, "Rarely
do the differences merit so much spirit--Over matters so silly as to make
a cantankerous porter giggle.." "Tis sad to see friendships lamed, good
works lain aside because of that miserable harpie faction". I am the first to
admit that some disagreement can be healthy. When it gets to the point
of horseblinded and hidebound hatred--as it is on FOXNews and Radio America
etc..... Both sides should be ashamed. Each side has nothing but Ire or "one way
to break the egg".
To claim oneself as a partisan of either side is a sign of mental
debasement. Certain words are thrown about--"Conservative", "Liberal" etc
counterfeit coins which mean nothing. It's more of a lifestyle and consumption
pattern--a 'fashion" than a sincere belief on how government should be.
All sins can be traced to intellectual laziness---I am with Plato, and Swift.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Song 2

Song knots our limbs in metrical lacing.
We become mystery, novel spacing. 

Monday, February 27, 2006

To Mother

Metre of my heart, measure of my breath,
inscrutable as the void of a star's death;
until fate smothers the last day's light
your metre, your measure, chastens night.

No cloud can shade the gold of your love.
No coal fire can rise and choke hearths above.
The clear of your eyes, the unspoken law,
dispels clouds and coats day in clement awe.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Worldliness, Idolatry Be Damned

Sic vos, non vobis mellificatis, apes.

As the trough chewing Idolaters watch ersatz sirens cry out songs
worse than any audible shipwreck, my eyes scan the world. What do I see?

I see anti-Islamism in so many forms. The United Arab Emirates has
a company that wishes to purchase the rights to US ports and their security.
Reactionaries cry out, "Three of the 9-11 hi-jackers were citizens of the U.A.E.,
and they supported the Taliban!". What they forget is that the United States
Congress voted a monetary reward for The Taliban in its efforts to thwart
Heroin production by destroying the cultivation of certain plants. It earmarked
$40 million for the Taliban. Far more than the U.A.E. ever gave them. Also,
United States pilot schools trained the 9-11 hi-jackers and there are far more
terrorists living in the United Kingdom and other European nations--would
there be as much outcry if the UK wanted to buy some ports? The U.A.E. is a
valuable, moderate, ally in the Middle East. To alienate them out of reactionary
bigotry and "playing to those who hate the ragheads" political point scoring would
be tragic. Playing to the morons is for television.

Another area is in Nuclear Arms proliferation. A peaceful, threatened, nation, Iran,
wishes to protect itself from threats by the United States(Axis of Evil) and Israel(which has
nukes). Iran has not invaded six nations like the USA has in the past 20 years(Panama,
Kuwait, Yugoslavia, The Sudan, Afghanistan and Iraq). Nor has it shot down a passenger
airliner over international waters killing over 350 people(The US Air Force shot down an
Iranian Airline Plane over the Persian Gulf). It has also not illegally invaded three neighboring
states, like Israel, and violated international laws and treaties by subjecting Palestinians
to inhuman conditions and destroying their homesteads with US made jets, helicopters, tanks
and bulldozers. BUT-- They are Muslims! The only reason to mistrust them! Somehow other,
more warlike, states are allowed to have Nukes but a threatened state is not allowed! Precious!
After Bush's post 9-11 State of the Union and the intense US Military build up in the Middle East
--and an avowed "first strike pre-emptive defense policy"--Iran has a right to fear the new US
"regime change" agenda. It is reasonable for the leadership of Iran to attain Nuclear Weaponry
to protect their sovereignty.

Turning back towards home......My mother turns -- next week. Bless her. Gambling keeps her

I feel the world coming to me. It greets me every morning with a cheerful smile. Every ray of the
sun touches me with the loving warmth of an erect prick. And the love spills over me from the heavens--
an ejaculation of gold light.
I am this World. Idol of it all. The Name on the cover of this Book. Idolatry be damned!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I Have Returned With Skyclad Eyes and Dewed Earth Kisses

Jesus Christ was the greatest Suicide Bomb.

I am back. Have I been missed? I believe so. The ayes have it. The stars contained
in their kaleidal blue. A tidal stare upwards.
Let me kiss this page and plant an idyll. Moist, dew kissed, fields to run across.
The Tree's lantern led me here. The bomb will not be as bad as the fallout.
A lost dog never barks. Why? Back to the Baskets.