Sunday, January 28, 2007

Stupidity is Evil

"Cunts are still running the world!"

---Jarvis Cocker

I would like to set aside a little time to thank
Israel and the United States for the present unrest
and carnage in Lebanon. The unilateral carpet
bombing of Lebanon by Israel, solely backed
and funded by the United States, has created the
conditions wherein a western friendly democracy with
majority support has fallen out of favor and the
Iranian and Syrian backed and funded Hezbollah,
once only tolerated in Southern Lebanon by the
Lebanese, has now gained ascendancy. The poverty,
death, and refugee tents and lack of world support
after the bombings led to the near future civil war.
This does not help matters in Iraq. Hezbollah is
backed by Shiites---Especially Shiites in Iraq.....
Americans and Lebanese will die because Israel
chose to bomb urban centers as a reprisal for
kidnapping of two soldiers. This bombing continues
to be a fiasco for Israel and the United States. It sets
back their policy 30 years in the region and empowers
Iran and all enemies of the US incursion into Iraq.

On a further note--the US State Department has lodged
a complaint with the UN about Israel using Cluster Bombs
on Civilian Centers in Lebanon...This is a violation of
International Law--will Israel walk away with impunity--
like the US did in Serbia?--The US had to lodge the complaint
because when we "sold" the Cluster Bombs to Israel they
promised not to use them on civilian centers.

God Bless Stupidity!

Monday, January 22, 2007

From Below

"Its superiority over other theosauces lay in the fact that it offered no
payback on some other plane..."

-------"On Murtibingism(the pill)", S.I. Witkiewicz.

A Taylorist nightmare greets eyes on every sidewalk. Hypermendacity
fills the air with frothy waves of noxious foam. Waddling masses lack time 
to mine the gold from melancholy. The ennui of the Bourgeois forsakes
dreams of Nero for the dumbing drone of pharmacandy.
Blue lights shade windowsills of suburbs. Taste and Rhetoric are
orphans. Arbiters hated like petulant old women.
The stars still illume night. Every morning offers up the gold spray of
new possibility. The day is made for lovers. Head high, no mockery, alive 
to be neck deep in this shithole and in love.
The stars can only look down at our darkness. From Below each star is a
sign which, on the black page of night, writes love in light.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Devouring kisses until Sun sunders.
     Pores pour to douse flames.

            Deep as coal fire,
        our eyes rouse sparks
       touch burns to conspire.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


"there's nothing more vulgar, more common, more disgusting than ideas..."

Bijou was loosely arranged. In all things a showiness prevailed. To the
eyes her hidden parts were exhibited as casually as an old man farts. It
left her cold to others. Intimacy meant nothing to her. Voyeurism, or
sensuality at a distance, had won out. To call her a slut would be an
affront to truth. She was the greatest prude alive. Nothing touched her.

On the ideal plane Bijou was a fence sitter. Her ideals on sex tyrannized
her experience to the point where intimacy and touch were annulled. The
scent of hair did not make her nostrils flair. Her shoulders never shook
in unison with her lover's as they went through the choreography of
sex. She had no rhythm anyway.

Touch is the wisest sense. Touch cannot lie. Beyond touch lies death.
Philosophers have always, being prudes and in love with death, held that
sight was the most philosophical sense. Perhaps it loves wisdom. But
it loves women less. To love a women is to touch her deeply, with tenderness,
i.e. to touch her the way she wants to be touched. There's no greater wisdom
in the world than to master being touching. Flesh knows and feels so much
more than our ideals could ever dream up. We ignore so much.

Don't pen poetry or place the woman you love in The Mystic Rose. Touch her
deeply and wait for the outpouring of love she'll return tenfold.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Invitation to 2007: A Prophetic Menu

Behold! The comet has
no locks of fire!

-------- Me at Uraniburg, Isle of Hven, 2004.

1. Reports of Saddam Hussein(alive) sightings will be numerous in Iraq.

2. Dick Cheney will pass. Condoleeza Rice will be chosen as Vice President.

3. George W. Bush will be assassinated. Condoleeza Rice will be sworn in as
the first female President. She will choose Senator Dick Lugar of Indiana
as her Vice President.

4. Britney Spears will come out with a hit CD. It will be bigger than anything
she has previously released.

5. Iran will sign a trade and aid pact with China and Russia.

6. Saudi Arabia will experience a near revolution as the doting King dies.

7. Muqtada al Sadr will be murdered by Al Qaeda backed Sunnis.

8. North Korea will curtail Nuclear deveolpment for Economic Aid due
to pressure from China.

9. Al Qaeda will bomb a busy section of Shanghai. China will join the US
in the "War on Terror". For China this will mean a massive campaign
of oppression in its Western Provinces--largely Muslim. This will lead
to a call for Jihad against China by Al Qaeda leadership.

10. Iranian Shiites will infiltrate Al Qaeda to bring it down for lucrative oil
contracts in China and a free hand in Iraq.

11. A devastating Hurricane will hit New York City.

12. The majority of Hurricanes will hit further North with a greater frequency.
Even Boston will be hit by a Category 2 storm.

13. A powerful HIV vaccine will be found. This vaccine will be a giant leap
towards killing all viral infections.

14. ADD and ADHD will come under fire by all respectable Neuro-Scientists
as largely being conditions created and marketed to Parents for youths
to push drugs(pharmaceutical) to the young. The diagnoses of it will be
seen as a mish mash fallacy--No brain chemical being mentioned in any
study showing up in all cases. The drugs children take for these imaginary
mental illnesses will be seen as one of the leading causes of Obesity in

15. Hezbollah will help in fostering stability in Lebanon.

16. Israel will continue, with the USA's approval, to murder and treat
Palestinians, in their own territories Israel illegally occupies, as
second class citizens.

17. The light of world renown will find me and many of you will view my
ascension with much chagrin.

18. The Stock Market will crash in early August.

19. Iraq will slowly calm from excessiveness and increased refugee seekers.

20. General Musharraf, leader of Pakistan, will die in a motorcade ambush in
Islamabad. The CIA will be behind his assassination. A leader more friendly
towards the West will take power.

21. Drug gangs in Mexico will make the border areas of New Mexico, Arizona and
Texas a scene of massive bloodhsed. Orchestrated attacks on Border Patrol
by Drug Lords will be commonplace.

22. Drug gangs will also create a reign of terror in the major Brazilian cities of
Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

23. Pope Benedict XVI will pass. The new Pope will be from South America. C'est tout. A busy year folks!