Monday, December 31, 2012

Tripod Trippin', Oracular Frenzy*(Please Read Disclaimer at End)

For him there was nothing to it--he simply masticated soapwort root, the plant dyers use--but to the onlookers this foam was something fearful from heaven.
---"Alexander the Oracle-Monger", Lucian.

1. Bipartisan solution to "Fiscal Cliff" kayfabe announced at 11th hour restoring faith in our hallowed institutions. They always compromise and cut services to poor, elderly, children, and the infirm(i.e. the defenseless) to safeguard privileged status of wealthy, war and security contractors, fossil fuel cartels, and finance(Banks, Hedge Funds, Credit Agencies).

2. Syrian conflict deepens unrest in neighboring nations of Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey. Assad survives.

3. Kurdish insurgency in Turkey and Iraq. Much worse in Iraq. US/NATO use it as means to place more troops in Iraq.

4. Previous two events serve to alienate Iran further from Syria and Iraq.

5. Tensions between China and Japan escalate.

6. US military intervention in Africa, as in 2012, increases.

7. Pfc. Bradley Manning found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. HRW and Amnesty conspicuously silent about injustice.

8. First US Drone Strikes in Mexico in Drug War.

9. Stock Market continues detached from reality until February.

10. Erskine Bowles becomes Secretary of Treasury. He'll cash in his Morgan Stanley stock and seat on board to resume Wall Street friendly policies of Geithner.

11. Yemen and Somalia greater focus in War on Terror because of increased intervention in Horn of Africa. Eritrea focal point.

12. After Chavez passes US attempts coup and fails.

13. Major Earthquake in US Midwest. Death toll in thousands.

14. Afghanistan morass deepens despite pie in the sky propaganda of Pentagon. Karzai assassinated in Kabul.

15. Increased turmoil in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Qatar also targeted.

16. China lays low(besides tensions with Japan) and busies itself with domestic issues.

17. Despite NDAA and intensified and mainstream Warrantless Wiretapping most Americans accept Pop Fascism as a necessary defense from "bad guys"(terrorists, poor people, drug dealers).

18. Meaningful Gun Control is, as always, eschewed. Pundits deem it pragmatic, "the best that can be done".

19. Hillary Clinton passes from stroke.

20. Civil War in Libya.

21. Hurricanes menace coastal New England.

22. Food shortages in Europe lead to wide scale violence in Greece, Spain, Italy, and Portugal.

23. UK economy crashes. Precipitated by banking crisis.

24. Morsi ousted in Egypt.

25. Poverty rate in US rises. Homeless incarcerated on vagrancy laws, a boon to private prison contractors.

26. Israel bombs Lebanon. Pretext: increasing violence in Lebanon due to Syrian intervention. IDF claims Hezbollah is cooperating with Assad.

27. Obama breaks US Port Strike.

28. US puppet regime in Yemen falls.

29. After Fiscal Cliff "deal" OWS is reinvigorated.

30. Worldwide credit crash in October.

*All predictions are Divinely inspired. Events predicted are not personally desired.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Let It Burn: The Best and Worst of 2012

A hard year's leaves burn.

1. Worst term for US cleansing previously accommodating(Allies in War on Terror, Tortured "rendered" "suspects" for US) and presently unpopular Despots in MENA: "The Arab Spring".

2. Best Blog: Arthur Silber's . Passionately just outrage.

3. Victorian Novel that Best Depicts Truth of Our Time: "The Way We Live Now", Anthony Trollope.

4. Best Song for Globalized Austerity: "(If There's a Hell Below)We're All Gonna Go", Curtis Mayfield.

5. Worst Person: President Barack Obama. "Kill List", eager to cut Social Security and Medicaid, Libyan bloodbath, Syrian escalation, "full throated" support for Israel's aggression on Gaza, etc.

6. Best Person: Non-Voter in US Election.

7. Worst Marketing Campaign for Something Awful: "Stop KONY2012"

8. Best Marketing Campaign for Something Awful : R2P Aggression on Libya, Obama's Re-Election Campaign.

9.  Best Book for 2012: "The Recognitions", William Gaddis.

10. Worst Profession: Economist

11. Best Profession: Anchorite, Idler

12. Worst Nostalgia: US Constitution Worship

13. Worst Panacea: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

14. Best Panacea: General Strike

15. Worst Trend: Authoritarians who claim to be Anarchists

16. Best Trend: Contempt for Money(which maximizes poverty)

17. Worst Ideological Movements: bigoted US/NATO Humanitarianism and New Atheism

18. Best Ideological Movement: Full DEGE-ism (h/t Sushi_Goat)

19. Worst Term that Strives to be Asinine as "Reverse Racism": "Reverse Exceptionalism" (h/t Charles Davis)

20. Best Term: "Full Communism"

21. Worst Quote: "I want to do big things."--Barack Obama, on desire to needlessly cut social programs for poor, infirm, and elderly while increasing defense and security spending.

22. Best Quote: "You'd look wonderful as a corpse." Piss Wizard tweet to PM Cameron.

23. Best Thing: Capitalism failing worldwide.

24. Worst Thing: Capitalism flailing worldwide.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Being Terror

     Consequently, stupor turns into despair: if patriotism must thrust us into debasement, if there is no safeguard anywhere, at any time, to stop nations or the whole of humanity from falling into inhumanity, then why indeed should we take so much trouble to become or to remain human beings: it is the inhuman in us which is our truth. But if nothing else is true, if we must either terrorize or die of terror, why should we take the trouble to live and remain patriotic?
     These thoughts have been put into our minds by force. Obscure and false, they all flow from the same principle: mankind is inhuman. Their aim is to convince us of our impotence. They achieve this as long as we do not look them in the face. Abroad people should know: our silence is not a sign of assent; it stems from nightmares which have been deliberately caused, sustained and directed. I knew this already, but had been waiting for decisive proof of it for a long time.

             --- "A Victory", Jean-Paul Sartre, 1958.

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Dark Lie Rises

America requires a fairy tale where operatives of secretive institutions that arm and fund tomorrow's bogeymen are depicted as single minded heroines and heroes devoted to protecting the Homeland(which they failed to do so disastrously on September 11, 2001) at all cost.

After one of the greatest security failures in history those who secure and defend the Homeland merited some recognition. Their sacrifice and zeal(torture, mass murder, kidnapping and raping innocent people) was part of a noble effort to destroy the Muslim Satan(a man who was armed, funded, and trained by US intel to destabilize Afghanistan years ago). Sleep well America. The Big Bad Muslim Wolf was killed and dumped into a watery grave. Forget the past and its failures. All is well. Brave heroines and heroes protect the shining Citadel on the Hill. All the torture, mass murder, and indefinite detainment was, and is still, worth it to regain your innocence in the face of absolute evil. Your sacrifice(austerity coupled with ballooning Military and Security budgets) makes America the Baddest and Coolest Motherfucking Killer and Torturer on Earth forever. Relinquish all shame, hold your head high, right hand over cold heart, and pledge allegiance to "winning" at any cost.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Monday, December 10, 2012

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Slaughter Fatigue: A Nation Shrugs as Indiscriminate Mass Murder is Codified, Secretly, into Law

Our Commander in Chief, flanked not only by Flags, but also Phoebus Apollo's inescapable light, leans back, exhibits heroic sangfroid, and suggests further measures as his Star Chamber, in deep thought, awaits.
Eagerness to kill people indiscriminately test power's principle and will?

To preside over a policy of indiscriminate mass murder is the willful abandonment of principle, a total failure.

Willful abandonment of principle towards human life is now law.

Who is tested?

Certainly not the killers.

Sunday, December 02, 2012