Monday, July 21, 2008

Rest: The Horizon of the Artistic

The only art is rest. From the largest to the most
infinitesimal part of the Cosmos nothing is still.
It's crushing.

Allow the moment to stand out, fair, from all becoming.
This is where artifice becomes a celestial date stamp,
taking what moves and capturing it in a manner that
moves the beholder of art's supernatural stillness.

I, too, wish to become a fallen column resting midst
cool sheets of eternity. A stillness ready to move any eye
who gazes upon my Olympian reserve. In rest I become
art. Not a mirror that walks the boulevards of cities, but
the noontide expanse of blue which, above all heads
never darkens.

Art is the stillness which moves. It is an eternal human
rebellion against the erosion of becoming.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Dawn of a Post Political World

Omnia mutantur nihil interit.

---- Ovid, Metamorphoses XV

The world will soon be post-political. From the grave of
the polis will rise the spirit of a new world. As dew is gathered
by the Sun into moving forms of mist so shall
our Human Community move and form itself in diverse ways.

In the post-political world nation states will become vestiges
of a barbarism no longer feasible. It is time for Humanity to
transcend the Sacral "Market-Place" and disallow its singular
universality. The root of man's relation to another man should
be an end--not a means.
As religion has lost its verity in this world, so shall politics. The
political is nothing other than Secular Religion. Faith in Human
Institutions to provide solace for hearth, head and heart. It also gives
rise to faction and a pernicious form of superstition known as "Party".
Different political entities become nation states who struggle over
"spheres or areas of geopolitical influence.".
This is an outdated mode of living. Sure, society asks for sacrifices,
but in the name of "ideals"? Even the Mayans haven't been so murderous
as Humanity has been about ideals over the past four centuries. It's time
to accept sacrifice for something concrete. Ideals are born corrupt and
petty. And ever find themselves providing a Procrustean Bed for humans
to writhe upon......
I am speaking to humans who have yet to be born- 200 years
from this time. Please listen and vouchsafe political fideism for
a well rounded life. The Market Place stop being the Holy Temple
of Political Fideism(millions are sacrificed to the Moloch of
"Hunger" daily).
It would certainly be euthanasia to put them both down together.
Incipit a new day-the Dawn of a Post Political World.

The Political is a Religion of Cynicism. It is the sectarian
Jealous, Wrathful, God of every Home.
It has no faith in humanity. Instead we have institutions and
the hegemony of Power and Markets.