Monday, June 11, 2007

April Imperium

Green as these words are they still ring from the rostrum of a would be
Imperator. A sovereign desire resides in me. I yearn to be the center of
attention at all costs. I wish to be the Sun amongst satellites starving for
my light.
Am I lonely? No. Am I insatiable? Yes.
I wish every month was April. April shall embrace me with its softness--
Its dewy warmth. I was borne from and for April.
I am cruel as the time I wish to embrace. The Sun's smile seems so kind,
ere it burns. Still, I love April with all my heart. Its time and clime, even its
cruelty, appeal to my sense of Imperial Pomp.
Bring me a White Horse and let us ride through eternal April with rose
petals crowning our brows and thorns adorning our wrists. My bride's cloudy
eyes only mirror the flecked blue of April's skies, and the night, her heaven
of dark hair.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Assiduous He, Deciduous She

Some toss with fallen leaves. Each breeze 
occasions a fall. Fragments, like bodies 
that never know, settle where they may.
Some wish to be wind. Hoping to make each 
leaf their Orithyia. Winds, like men 
that never sow, scatter this tilled way.

Trees shed leaves of the book,
seed sprouts epithalamiums.

In Lieu of an Epilogue:

"Hymn to Aphrodite"

Bend your star-clad eyes
to a lover's hushed sighs

One who treads a middle way
and lets your will have its say.

Love will or be wanton
and with tears or song
we go along.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

I Am Wonder-Foul

"Thereafter, he ennobled shame."

---Jean Genet, Journal du Voleur

Allow me to humble myself.
I'll leave the exalting to you, dear reader.

1. I enjoy picking my nose and eating the dried mucus and dust
folks call "buggers". I also enjoy picking scabs and eating
them. They are salty and delicious.

2. I can be disarmingly civil and even charming to people I detest.
I call it "two-faced considerate".

3. I honestly think physical beauty is a sign of inner beauty, and
ugliness is, likewise, the mark of inner foulness.

4. I enjoy the smell of my flatus.

5. I am too lazy to kill the scores of people I feel are not worth the
air they breathe. If they all died tomorrow, I'd be amused.

6. The happier I am the greater my enjoyment of cruelty.

7. It is not out of depression or anger that I write the above.
It is out of a desire to be open.

8. I feel one must hide something from all people; their very
own secret world.

9. I reserve the right to be disgusted by people who drink beer,
go to Starbucks, have a LinkedIn page, bite their fingernails,
and enjoy reality TV.

10. Disgust doesn't disbar the ability to love someone. Disgust,
oddly enough, is a form of fascination.