Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Tsunami of Bullshit(Topical Observations)

1. The Israeli invasion of Gaza is an unprecedented and illegal escalation of Israel's continuous mistreatment of the Territories. The bombed the power grid and have bombed buildings and manned the bulldozers. The rationale--to rescue one soldier who was part of a violent incursion against the Palestinians---as soon as the invasion began the Palestinians, who have no US made tanks and missiles, kidnapped a settler too--this is their only form of offense......No outcry from the UN...No criticism from anyone. 2. The "Protection of the Flag" amendment thankfully was voted down. The idea of the greedy bastards in the Senate telling us what is sacred and what isn't galls the sensibility of any intelligent being. These people who deny minimum wage increases and yet increase their wages at every opportunity obviously think the flag is worth more than a US Citizen. They spend time debating this bullshit issue. While allowing healthcare to go unheeded---Protect the Flag! Keep the Queers from Marrying! Bullshit. 3. Cable news only presents spectacles and "threats to our lives". They also love to to bring together opposing sides for some "heated exchanges"---all bullshit. 4. The FBI's bust of an "alleged" Al Qaeda Cell in Miami bends the credulity of even the most suspicious. Yes, 8 poor Haitians with no money, no durable transportation, no explosives and no true contacts with Al Qaeda other than a US Agent pretending to be from Al Qaeda offering cash--were hell bent on taking out the US! A plot to take down the Sears Tower(an idea offered by the Agent).....Yes folks! Thank God the Authorities are protecting us from desperate Haitians(slave laborers in the US and their country exploited by the US since the 19th century(interventions since including many US led coups). This was a poor set-up. The men were desperate patsies. Their legal help will be minimal---Disgraceful Bullshit. 

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Milton's Nightmare

The field
To labour calls us now with sweat imposed

Paradise Lost, XI, 171-2

Our brow's sweat
savors no bread.

License cherished
as Liberty goes

                                    Past pillars
                                        Cerberean throngs,
                                    surfeit with cake,

Lack spirit and
virtuous sinews
for the Letter.

They stoop
under the yoke.
                                     Water, truth's tears  
                                      embitter seas.
                                      Air, a trillion waves of