Monday, May 05, 2014


"The best are convicted as the worst strut with impunity."

Under scolding heaven
handless men kill.
Mars seduced the God
he cuckolded, then
placed his divine consort
in southern California.
The Goddess, heels grown high,
inspires play which
seduces doe-eyed mortals
to His terrible craft.

Friday, May 02, 2014


     "The disease of reason is that reason was born from man's urge to dominate nature, and the 'recovery' depends on insight into the nature of the original disease, not on a cure of the latest symptoms. The true critique of reason will necessarily uncover the deepest layers of civilization and explore its earliest history. From the time when reason became the instrument for domination for human and extra-human nature by man---that is to say, from its very beginnings---it has been frustrated in its own intention of discovering the truth. This is due to the very fact that it made nature a mere object, and that it failed to discover the trace of itself in such objectivization, in the concepts of matter and things not less than in those of gods and spirit. One might say that the collective madness that ranges today, from the concentration camps to the seemingly most harmless mass-culture reactions, was already present in germ in primitive objectivization, in the first man's calculating contemplation of the world as a prey. Paranoia, the madness that builds logically constructed theories of persecution, is not merely a parody of reason, but is somehow present in any form of reason that consists in the mere pursuit of aims."

                    ------Max Horkheimer, Eclipse of Reason, (176; ch. V).