Thursday, September 30, 2010

Apres la Lettre, U.S. Congress Declares War on Physiocrats

"First comes eating and then comes morality."
--------Bertolt Brecht

After 40 years of enabling corporatist lust for cheap
labor the US Congress has now, sated and fat, facing
an eviscerated middle class, pointed an indignant finger
at China as the "Enemy". This big lie is disproved by the
simple fact that much of the goods imported into the US
from Chinese Cargo ships are filled with goods financed by
US Corporations subletting industry in China. Over 60%
of the goods are licensed and branded by US co's like
Apple, Microsoft and various textiles. US Corporations
and Wall Street financiers are profiting immensely from
our trade imbalance with China.

To blame China for currency manipulation and imply it
marks the sole reason for the trade imbalance is Herostratean
sophistry. First of all the US itself is busy manipulating its own
currency via Quantitative Easing and artificially low interest
rates. Secondly, as noted above, the trade imbalance enriches
US corporations, hedge funds and the financiers who have lobbied
Congress fiercely and successfully to destroy industry in the
United States.

NAFTA, GATT and other Globalist measures have not created
freer trade. Instead they have systematically destroyed the value
of labor around the world while benefiting financiers. If the US
Congress was serious it would undermine Global Labor arbitrage,
penalize US Corporations exploiting labor in under-regulated
foreign labor markets and increase the wages of US workers.
This would create the inflation they so dearly claim to desire. Their
actions, sadly, lead to destabilization and a further lessening of
labor value. Trade and currency wars are a globalist form of
austerity and, throughout history, invariably lead to real wars.

Those poor Physiocrats who advocated free and fair trade are
now witnessing their ideals trashed by the fraud, cronyism and
class warfare, rentiers against labor, of Globalism's disingenuous
adherence to "Free Trade". Hysterically the Globalists contort
themselves into a farcical crusade for "Fair Trade".

Americans should see this as a comical attempt to displace blame
for disastrous economic policies endorsed and practiced by the
Oligarchs over the past four decades. They're making out quite
well with trade deficits to China. Corporate profits are robust. The
people are tired of being squeezed and Congress(and their plutocratic
backers) knows it. So they scapegoat China and make "free trade" a

Friday, September 24, 2010

High Heel Étude/Dead Dragonfly

1. High Heel Étude

The firm, energetic, report
of heels pulse down
bright halls.
                                     Sharp steps merge into
                                     melodious composition,

Sweet as the snap of a hand mirror's close
when your love is done making her face.

2. Dead Dragonfly

I traced a
descending node
over the park's
zoned space.
                                                      A dead dragonfly's
                                                      oil spill spectrum wings
                                                      leapt to my eyes
                                                      from dark pavement
As warm winds shook
prisms mimicking 
life in vivid hues.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Law of Least Action/Burning Bibles In Tehran/Anomie/Passed Mirrors

1. Financialization of the Banksters gutting Nations is the final stage of Capitalism. That which nourished it will comsume it. Think Sardanapalus atop mountains of treasure with a torch ready to self-immolate.

American Oblomovs will continue to theorize about how it all went wrong and do nothing. They can’t face the terrible truth. Exploitation cannot create growth forever. A cancerous world view breaks them.

2. Abhorrent as the act would be, the message repeated by everyone from
the President, General Petraeus to various pundits is that the burning of
Korans would necessarily lead to "greater terrorist activity and recruitment".
This completely ignores the reality of occupation, drone strikes, targeted
assassinations and torture being the greatest impetus for "terrorists"(I believe
they are simply poor Muslims fighting resource Colonialism) growing in number
and activity.
Media's insidious overreaction to a crank at one Church appears to be
a willful displacement of the true causative forces behind "terrorism's"
appeal. The news coverage implicitly endorses the neo-conservative view of
Muslims as subhuman beasts who are ever vigilant for any excuse to kill.
The US and its coalition were not just as barbarous in their "shock and awe"
policy of mass murder in Iraq? They trotted out a series of false excuses to justify
an illegal war and numerous war crimes. Now the same propagandists, not sated
by the crimes in Iraq, are advocating another campaign of Mass Murder in Iran.
Is anyone burning Bibles in Tehran?

3. Conspiracy Mongering strengthens the Anomie our Global Illuminati desires.(diabolical laughter)

4. A final note: We are walking backwards into the future. Enamoration for Historical Precedents overlooks the unique quality of contemporary crises. Similarities can be found anywhere at will. Just as one can see faces in the clouds. The specific face of our time is obscured by the search for past mirrors.