Friday, September 24, 2010

High Heel Étude/Dead Dragonfly

1. High Heel Étude

The firm, energetic, report
of heels pulse down
bright halls.
                                     Sharp steps merge into
                                     melodious composition,

Sweet as the snap of a hand mirror's close
when your love is done making her face.

2. Dead Dragonfly

I traced a
descending node
over the park's
zoned space.
                                                      A dead dragonfly's
                                                      oil spill spectrum wings
                                                      leapt to my eyes
                                                      from dark pavement
As warm winds shook
prisms mimicking 
life in vivid hues.

1 comment:

Beysshoes said...

Your etude is enchanting ... especially the final verse.

Whenever I swam in my beloved Horseshoe Pond - which was daily and nightly (except when it was slushy or frozen) - dragon flies kept me company just an elbow length away. I loved them so for this.