Monday, September 20, 2010

Law of Least Action/Burning Bibles In Tehran/Anomie/Passed Mirrors

1. Financialization of the Banksters gutting Nations is the final stage of Capitalism. That which nourished it will comsume it. Think Sardanapalus atop mountains of treasure with a torch ready to self-immolate.

American Oblomovs will continue to theorize about how it all went wrong and do nothing. They can’t face the terrible truth. Exploitation cannot create growth forever. A cancerous world view breaks them.

2. Abhorrent as the act would be, the message repeated by everyone from
the President, General Petraeus to various pundits is that the burning of
Korans would necessarily lead to "greater terrorist activity and recruitment".
This completely ignores the reality of occupation, drone strikes, targeted
assassinations and torture being the greatest impetus for "terrorists"(I believe
they are simply poor Muslims fighting resource Colonialism) growing in number
and activity.
Media's insidious overreaction to a crank at one Church appears to be
a willful displacement of the true causative forces behind "terrorism's"
appeal. The news coverage implicitly endorses the neo-conservative view of
Muslims as subhuman beasts who are ever vigilant for any excuse to kill.
The US and its coalition were not just as barbarous in their "shock and awe"
policy of mass murder in Iraq? They trotted out a series of false excuses to justify
an illegal war and numerous war crimes. Now the same propagandists, not sated
by the crimes in Iraq, are advocating another campaign of Mass Murder in Iran.
Is anyone burning Bibles in Tehran?

3. Conspiracy Mongering strengthens the Anomie our Global Illuminati desires.(diabolical laughter)

4. A final note: We are walking backwards into the future. Enamoration for Historical Precedents overlooks the unique quality of contemporary crises. Similarities can be found anywhere at will. Just as one can see faces in the clouds. The specific face of our time is obscured by the search for past mirrors.

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