Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Blue is not a Number

"Blue of dawn, a rousing lullaby to dying night..."
------------Magna Graecia, 493 B.C.

Number's impossible, a limitation taught by mortality.
Hearts drift in Poincare's Cloud. No cause for distress. 
Silent as a fetus drifting in the Uteran Sea,
a Universe's Hum enters me like mother's voice 
shakes the soft bark inside her.
Bells ring and beauteous plenitude seduces
The Golden Thread, pulled from Pythagoras' 
thigh, is buried by waves. We touch all things.
Blue is a milepost beyond number. Her eyes in the 
dying light speak with a clarity unequaled by song.
Relinquish faith in number. 
We number song and 
play contrapuntal.
Song and war timely twins,
but the march ends in silence. 
                                                 Past number and sky,
                                                 teach the ear to hear 
                                                 evocative tones 
                                                 of immortal soul. 
beans rest in peace!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Age of Tumbling Dice

"God does not play dice."

1. Little did Einstein know his Theory of Relatitivity would be abused
to the point where Statistics has supplanted Science. Much like Darwin
was bastardized by English Social Theorists into Social Darwinism,
Einstein has been bastardized to the point where the Dice are God.

2. Ethics, thusly, have become 'Whatever". Climate Theory and Medical
Science has become a calculated crap shoot.

3. Un Coup De Des by Stephane Mallarme is the Sacred Scripture of our Age.

4. As the Rolling Stones sing--"Got to roll 'em, keep on rolling"---life as a
continuous dice roll.

5. Middle Ages--He knows(God) Renaissance--We know(humanism)
Enlightenment--I know(Cogito--structures of consciousness)
Modernity(Who knows? Let's do a poll.)

6. The Lottery is Providence.

7. Lack of Historical Sense is pandemic. (Cf. Iraq)

8. Statistical Theory has no conscience. It hedges its bets. Science has a
piety, an ethos, Statistics dispenses with.

9. Metaphysics are now a timorous "could be". Quackery in all "Sciences"
runs amuck.

10. Dostoyevsky is laughing as Einstein weeps--"Without God life is senseless,

11. Each roll builds certainty through choice. Free Market epistemology has
won the day--Make your choice and, voila--existence become imbued with

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Conscious sleep come with balm
and cool clothed silence

sway the hips of fleshy
phantoms to razing suns
no scent
or sound of breath's sough

what weighs upon us?
sweatless and poreless,
labor and substance

sidereal balls of foil
glimmer like gems
beneath this cosmos
this soundless song 
so sweet as the soft pulse 
humming to me

a mother's song