Tuesday, February 26, 2013

America, Worst Reality Show Forever

Flanked by trained killers in uniform, an ebullient First Lady announces film depicting the CIA as crafty heroes in league with Hollywood producers a winner.

"My foregrounds are imaginary, my backgrounds real."
                                                 -------Gustave Flaubert

Quarterly "budget crises" loom, igniting fire in the tinder minds of partisans. It's not real, but repetition gives it weight; like drowned women once proved witches and tortured or assassinated Muslims now prove terrorists. (Both achieved through a "legitimate legal process".)

We cannot forget, ever, there are enemies everywhere plotting to destroy our "way of life". They have names: Socialists, Anarchists, Communists, Fundamentalists, Terrorists, et al.. God forbid we stop funding the world's greatest murder machine forever in its mission to sustain peace and freedom for everyone.

Principalities sing threats and crises daily in every medium.

Can it be more real?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

"The Light of Reason"

"Did the light of Reason make the earth for some men to ingrosse up into bags and barns, that others might be opprest with poverty? Did the light of Reason make this law, that if one man did not have such and abundance of the earth as to give to others he borrowed of; that he that did lend should imprison the other, and starve his body in a close room? Did the light of Reason make this law, that some part of mankinde should kill and hang another part of mankinde, that would not walk in their steps?"

                                    ---Gerrard Winstanley, "New Law of Righteousness", 1649.

Monday, February 18, 2013


In the beginning a vessel,
all was one within.
In time its broken
form spilled eternal.

                                          God is the breaking
                                    each beginning echoes still.

There is no silence
until the vessel mends.
There is no license
until this verse ends.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Here's a Peace Prize Recipient(Yes, the Nobel Committee Hearts Bloody, but "Humane", Colonial Intervention) Making Crusader Era "Just War" Defense in Acceptance Speech

How can there be shock over Renditions, Kill Lists, and Consistent War?

Fascist Immanence and the Power to Loose and Bind Earthly Threats

Hastily crafted Bulls leaked by His Eminence state this world is a vale of imminent threat Imperium's Immanence must vigilantly and violently exorcise to remain Triumphant.

Cleansing the Earth of apostasy, one drone strike or JSOC raid at a time.

Secretive and Secular Auto-da-fes daily.

Friday, February 01, 2013

Vice President Al Gore Singles Out Senator Biden for His Outstanding Work on the 1994 Crime Bill(Intensifying Racist Drug War and Empowering Police to Crush Rights of Citizens and Fill Jails and Prisons with "Undesirables")

The war on the poor and minorities required a bill to make police shock troops "in every community".

"100,000 more policemen in your communities." "3 strikes and you're out." etc.

A reminder of how the enemies of the marginalized---poor, minorities, etc--love to memorialize their assaults on those "communities" through legislation and say it's all "for the children". Black History Month shouldn't pass without highlighting past betrayals from supposed "friends".

From Clinton's speech:

"We will slash 270,000 jobs from Federal Gov't to take money out and use to hire 100,000 more policemen and build more prisons to put violent criminals in."