Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year

"This year could be our year."

-------The Thrills, "This Year".

Allow the pornography of misery to fade with the
collapsing TV tubes...Plug the airwaves away and avoid
the black and white marks smudging your fingertips and
enjoy one night with the people you love. Sing and dance
and don't forget to burn the past year in a passionate
kiss. To all of those I love and can't sing or dance with---
or kiss----

Happy New Year!

May the New Year truly be your year, too.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Kalstradamus----Predictions for 2008

Written In Blood

I did pretty good foreseeing 2007. Pakistan has become a headache--Britney has
mounted a comeback----Not bad--here I go, fearless and eyes opened wide, into
the future!

1. Senator Barack Obama will be elected President of the United States.

2. The Vice President will be Senator Joseph Biden

3. President George W. Bush will leave the White House with an
upswing in popularity. Two factors: 1. The continuing strong economy.
2. The growing success in Iraq. Peace will not be made between
the Israelis and the Palestinians because the Israelis have no desire
to be just or humane.

4. Vladimir Putin will survive an assassination attempt.

5. General Musharaff of Pakistan will not. (I was off a year.)

6. Osama Bin Laden will die.

7. President Bill Clinton will die in August.

8. Britney Spears will continue to grow in popularity and her
album sales will rebound when her second single is released.

9. Ohio State will defeat LSU for the National Title in NCAA Football.

10. I will be Time's Man of the Year.

11. The Worldwide Climate for the year 2008 will be the coldest in decades.

12. The Dow Jones will break the 15,000 pt threshold in June.

13. Japan and China will reach an Economic and Military Alliance.

14. Iran will suffer social upheaval. Riots will be common in Teheran.

15. Governments will continue not giving a shit about Darfur because of
the massive oil deposits under the sand where the unlucky souls dwell.

16. Ralph Nader will, in early January, come out in support of John Edwards
for President.

17. Love will come.

18. The Indianapolis Colts will defeat the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl

19. My hegemony shall grow by leaps and bounds.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Best of 2007

It is time to celebrate excellence in 2007.

Best Musical Recordings:

1. Andrew Bird, "Armchair Apocrypha"
2. Ghostface Killah, "The Big Doe Rehab"
3. PJ Harvey, "White Chalk"
4. Band of Horses, "Cease to Begin"
5. Ryan Adams, "Easy Tiger"

Best Non-Fiction Book:

"The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy"
--John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt

Best Fiction Book:

----John Cowper Powys

Best Motion Picture:


Best Mass Shooting Warning Notification:

Various Web-cam Productions by Korean Mass Murderer
before Virginia Tech Massacre.

Best Title and Music Sequence of Mass Shooting by 24 Hour News Channel:

"CNN: Mall Massacre in the Heartland(Omaha)"--
Producers and Musicians ashamed to name themselves.

Best New Commemorative Item for Massacre:

Candles and Paper Plates(tie)

Man of the Year:

Vladimir Putin

Woman of the Year:

Britney Spears

Comeback Person of the Year:

Mass Shooter

Best Quote of the Year:

"Senator Clinton did not approve or have foreknowledge of the
statement I made regarding Senator Obama."

Two separate, former, Clinton staffers on two separate occasions.

Best Sign History Repeats:

Bush haters aping Clinton haters.

Ah 2007! What a year! Look forward to my predictions for 2008!

No Balance

The moon's crooked smile gave night an anxious
air. A silvery, cloudless, face expanded above my
head dry as a waking thirst.

A premonition made me call. How to explain these
occult urges? My friend's voice rang hollow. His
breath left him in bursts-- like it was escaping a cold
I consoled his worries with hope.

On a cold, lighted, table his brother passed. The oxygen
rich air did its best to fill my best friend's shattered breast.
I imagine he wept hard and restrained, his face a clenched fist.
Even his pictures of the next day, albeit with a new friend,
couldn't hide a man sucker punched by grief.

In Memoriam Mac. In his heart you will run strong forever.


Later, lighter news awaited my warm eyes. A beautiful Card
and Gift arrived from Texas. Our glorious Bidet sent me something
humorous and thoughtful. I savoured the humor, but not as much as
I will savour the gift on a happier day.

Thanks for the needed laughter, friend Bidet. Your sense
of timing is only eclipsed by your goodness. Bless you.

I hope your beautiful children, kind husband and you have
a wonderful Holidays.

The Cock is crowing. I must go.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Waking Ballad

Soft gold sifts down white sills,
remains of dream's epilogue spills.

Carpet, cold as scales,
grips feet with familiar polity.

The given, silent as cloth,
embraces eyes with assuring gravity.

Night's wake shades eyes darkly
to attain day's shining possibility.

Friday, December 07, 2007


Fire blossoms in hearts.
Our eyes meet and burn 
keen as a first kiss.  
They shine radiant 
as cloudless noon
devours burnt skin 
with Sun's whet flame.