Friday, March 06, 2015

Moon a Giant Traffic Lamp Over Street's End

Here is Rose, Here Resist Leaping to Easy Conclusions (Gillian Rose on Hegel)

     " As in the System der Sittlichkeit and in the Phenomenology of Spirit, Hegel shows that, on the one hand, the standpoint of subjective morality arises out of bourgeois property relations, and on the other hand, that the standpoint can equally justify immoral as well as moral acts. It is utterly self-contradictory. The natural will defines itself in a number of ways, as 'good intention' or in relation to the 'welfare' of others. These definitions separate the motive from the deed, and, as a result, responsibility for the consequences of any deed can be avoided on the grounds that it was intended to serve the welfare of others, and hence had a good intention. In this way acting in one's own interests and any crime can be morally justified."

          --- Gillian Rose, Hegel Contra Sociology, Ch. 2, Politics in the Severe Style.

(Exposes bomb cratered roads of "good intention" created by "Welfare States" and their "Humanitarian Interventions".)