Sunday, December 24, 2006

Certain Way and Light

Wars never end.
They always
find an inoculate
poor to

Tend those veins.

Does it mean more
to smile
above all
when the love of
blood sways us?

Lights make this night
clear as an empty page.
Damp wind darkens
my hair like heavenly

Head heavy, with
bliss and ink,
on this path
to certain light.

My stellar home
outshines heaven.

Though the poor bleed
dark rivers far away,
I am merry in
a certain way

N.B. Merry Christmas all. By the Grace of Our Way may your blood sway and not spill.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Silver Lining

The gravity of infinite possibility crushes day.

---Me, 2001.

To the whiteness they ascend. An effrontery to the Gods? Lost
even with a lone call over the radiowaves.
The sanctity takes them up in a wisk of icy wind. Tears fail
to form so close to heaven.
A few gray hairs fall from my crown. My first silver linings.
My slow ascension begins. Filsaime announced it to me. I did
not believe him. My brother's friend only speaks truth.
Uphill my path goes. If my lungs burn it, as the Roman mother
killing herself, by a stab to the heart, over the grief of her only son's
death, "does not hurt". Time is the dagger.
Have a Merry Christmas all.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

As the Heavens Shit On a Hero........

Tis all in peeces, all coherence gone
All just supply, and all Relation......

John Donne

The infant was Microwaved nearly a year ago. Mumsy thought he was cold
and needed a good warming.
A hero abandons his wife and child to seek help in a blizzard. In an unknown
environ he begins his foolish trek. He abandons his wife and child for good.
The Stars shit on would be heroes as the light smiles on bastards everywhere.
Make your plans folks. Leaven your endeavor with a purpose. There the comedy
A new plan for Babylon. By a Babel of experts answers come. Delphic to
the bloodied sands. Laughter reigns over the heavens. Hold your cabals. Drag
up the cadavers of yesteryear to peddle oracles.
I kick the Dandelion thistles and watch them twist in the wind. Torturously
they refuse to settle. As a child I was taught to never place faith in heroes.
As it is above so below. I shit knowing Stars are brilliant turds.