Sunday, August 28, 2011

Triumph of the Revisionary Will(Honoring Global Leaders for Peace and Shitting All Over MLK's Legacy)

The most war mongering nation on this planet held a gala to honor those who take the lead in furthering peace and also felt it suitable to honor Martin Luther King, Jr.(a lovely twofer). The image above is of the former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright sharing a tender moment with Reverend Jesse Jackson. Did Reverend Jackson absolve her of the half million Iraqi children murdered by sanctions she upheld? Did he ask her to atone for saying their deaths were "worth it"?

It gets much much worse. Dame Albright closed the precedings with a speech and received an award for her past and present efforts to take the lead in furthering peace. This is the woman who cornered Serbia into war with the Rambouillet Accords. She also quipped, "If we're gonna spend so much money on all those fancy weapons we might as well use them." It's a wonder the miniature replica of MLK's Memorial didn't explode contacting her bloody hands.

This festival of unintended macabre humor contained other horrors. It deemed the Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, was another Global Leader for Peace. Israel is a warmongering Apartheid state. Gallows humor to have Ambassador Oren speak in praise of a man who'd righteously loathe Israel and anyone who represented it.

The hostess was Mrs. Greenspan, Andrea Mitchell. Her husband thought the Iraq War required no defense. Why? Because, in his words, it was all for oil. That's sufficient!

There were other speakers. The United State Trade Representative, Ron Kirk, especially stands out. He, along with the US State Department, backed the coup in Honduras because the usurper supported US Corporations exploiting laborers with sweat shops and sub-subsistence wages there. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote a book extolling the DIGNITY of ALL LABOR. The United States Trade Representative loves "free trade" deals with dictatorships which destroy the rights of laborers to serve transnational corporations. He is an enemy of every laborer on this planet. His sole purpose is to destroy the rights and diminish the wages of laborers. This is a man Martin Luther King, Jr. wouldn't hesitate to condemn. Ron Kirk praising a man who not only spoke against, but also protested fiercely, the wealth inequality our dear Trade Representative daily strains every fibre of his being to uphold.

They attempted to salve the salt in decency's eyes with Reverend Jackson and a musical performance by Stevie Wonder---But, overall, Martin Luther King, Jr. was shabbily used as a front to praise warmongers, apartheid states, and plutocratic vampires as "Global Leaders for Peace".

Feel free to vomit. Then shower.

Friday, August 26, 2011

This Weak in Critique: Zizek Reproaches London Rioters with Left-Wing Infantilism


I will not quote his abstruse and meandering clarity of hindsight. Alas, the lack of a manifesto. The inability to mount collective action against a powerful and well armed state. Zizek longed for "a night in which all riots are class conscious". No echoes of Lenin or regret over the loss of "objet petit a". A sad and chaotic affair no studious ideologue could find solidarity with. If only they'd quote Chesterton as good British lads. We pray future rioters will be suitably erudite and crack jokes about cartoons as representational apologetics.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Byron's Scorn

"I have seen some nations like o'erloaded asses
Kick off their burdens - meaning the high classes"

-----Lord Byron, Don Juan, Canto XI, 84.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Hell of Uncertainty, a "Free Market" Phobia

"If you tried to doubt everything you would not get as far as doubting anything. The game of doubting itself presupposes certainty."
-----On Certainty, Wittgenstein, 115.

Uncertainty is killing free markets. Proposed regulation and tax hikes are terrorizing CEO's and investors. Keep in mind they are making record profits and enjoying an unprecedented growth in wealth. But uncertainty is used as a bogeyman to explain the lack of jobs and also to polemicize against regulation and more progressive tax policies. In a time of record income equality, growing unemployment and poverty it seems reasonable to ask more from a class that has benefited the most from tax-payer bail outs. Can they be certain the State will remain their steadfast lackey in the face of rioting majorities?

Economists from Adam Smith to Marx have noted that unfettered markets lead to greater income inequality and uncertainty. In their infinite wisdom the masters of our present day markets want less fetters, more income inequality enshrined in legislation, and greater uncertainty to produce certainty. This is a neurosis born of fear the free ride they are getting from their cronies in government and the people will soon end.

The main fear they have is being held accountable for their fraudulent practices. Since 2006 they have gone on a crime spree largely ignored, and at times staunchly upheld, by our leaders in Government. Fraud continues unabated and is a large part of their success. Will they be able to continue their illegal practices and loot every nation's wealth? Will the lower classes rise up and create conditions making it impossible for markets to sow their own brand of anarchy backed up by the state's monopoly of force? This is the true uncertainty. The elite looters fear the looted. They need the full and unconditional support of every state's security forces. They are getting it in the United States and United Kingdom, for now. The future is not promised.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Inspired by Charles Davis(False Dichotomy)

When a State and its Legal apparatus upholds criminal acts by officials and exacerbates wealth inequality through undemocratic policy, it violates the social contract and loses its right to govern.

The contemporary nation-state is a front for "globalist" cartels(Central Banks, Hedge Funds, Energy Corps, and War Contractors) who loot resources on a worldwide scale for the benefit of an elect few. Law, be it national or international, is willing to overlook financial fraud, torture, aggressive war, and ecological devastation if it serves the power of these privileged cartels.

Valery heralded "The Age of a Finite World" in 1931. Since then wars and wealth disparity have increased globally. It took a half century for the spoliation to return home to nest in nations whose power reaped the greatest rewards. The end, in every sense, of this age necessitates an effort by power to extract more rights and resources from everyone to maintain its "growth".

The National Security State, along with its Central Banking Heart, does not plan on going out with a whimper. It needs blood. The parasite tells the host it's a parasite, i.e. Power tells those it loots to sacrifice more...

I should stop drinking Bhang.
Nevertheless, I stand behind, not hiding, everything above. Mr. Davis is correct about institutions of power being an insular affair amongst elites.

But didn't James Madison establish the insularity of powers in the Constitution?

Godel read the US Constitution and was disturbed because he thought, logically, it contained contradictions that allow for democracy to deteriorate into tyranny--But he didn't marry well.(laughter)

The barbarous vestige of looking for lone heroes in modern "Democracies" echoes the individualistic nihilism of "Free Market" fundamentalism. Nowhere does central planning rig outcomes for so few at the cost of so many as in "Free Markets". Our media always sing about the heroic nature of the lone, sovereign, individual. The entrepeneur, etc It's a great con job. Make the petit bourgeois barnacle feel valorized by pipe dreams Madison Ave microwaves daily in 30 second nuggets......But God forbid people come together, organize, and strive to enact change!(That would be Marxism! Ecrasez l'infame!)

(a response to his post on Institutions of Power)

Monday, August 08, 2011

Cruel Summer, Austerity in the UK

"...but may I, before descending into my grave, see the humiliation of the arrogant bourgeois democracies, today shamelessly triumphant."

----"In Defence of Lenin", Georges Sorel.

One spark sowed a conflagration. The structural violence of Austerity Measures has solely fallen upon the poor and the young. Youth programs are eviscerated as university tuitions rise. All of these cuts and hikes made to secure the wealth and privilege of wealthy rentiers. The media, of course, acts as a handmaiden to cronyist authority by describing the riots as acts of "hooligans", and, when more candid, spouting racist and classist bigotry in commentaries. Their fear is real. They cannot speak the burning truth: Austerity is creating greater divisions, inequality, and inspiring rebellious anomie in the victims. Austerity measures implement looting by upper class "hooligans".

I applaud the rioters targeting shopping districts. It shows a deep recognition of their oppressors. Cameron and his crony regime chose the marketplace over people. In response the people are burning markets down. Sadly Cameron had to cut his summer vacation short to address the firestorm his policies laid out abundant pitch for.

No surprise the igniting spark was police brutality in a lower class, segregated, neighborhood. An "elite" police attack force shot a man needlessly in Tottenham. They attempted to cover it up and justify the murder by planting a gun at the scene and claiming they returned fire. Forensic examination found the "incriminating" bullet found embedded in a policeman's radio was police issue. A small protest at the police station resulted in a 16 year old women being beaten by officers. Police protect property and uphold class barriers. Killing a man and beating young women in a poor neighborhood enforces structural occupation, class division and dissuades the poor inhabitants from asserting their rights.

As inequality grows Police forces become more brutal and work harder to suppress any struggle against institutional attacks. Austerity is a weapon wielded by financial elites to plunder the lower classes. They started this war. The masters had hoped the "peons and parasites", phrases from The Daily Mail comments section, would stay cowered under the heightened brutality of their hirelings(police).

Buildings burn to ashes as rage buoys motes forming dark clouds over English cities.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011