Monday, August 08, 2011

Cruel Summer, Austerity in the UK

"...but may I, before descending into my grave, see the humiliation of the arrogant bourgeois democracies, today shamelessly triumphant."

----"In Defence of Lenin", Georges Sorel.

One spark sowed a conflagration. The structural violence of Austerity Measures has solely fallen upon the poor and the young. Youth programs are eviscerated as university tuitions rise. All of these cuts and hikes made to secure the wealth and privilege of wealthy rentiers. The media, of course, acts as a handmaiden to cronyist authority by describing the riots as acts of "hooligans", and, when more candid, spouting racist and classist bigotry in commentaries. Their fear is real. They cannot speak the burning truth: Austerity is creating greater divisions, inequality, and inspiring rebellious anomie in the victims. Austerity measures implement looting by upper class "hooligans".

I applaud the rioters targeting shopping districts. It shows a deep recognition of their oppressors. Cameron and his crony regime chose the marketplace over people. In response the people are burning markets down. Sadly Cameron had to cut his summer vacation short to address the firestorm his policies laid out abundant pitch for.

No surprise the igniting spark was police brutality in a lower class, segregated, neighborhood. An "elite" police attack force shot a man needlessly in Tottenham. They attempted to cover it up and justify the murder by planting a gun at the scene and claiming they returned fire. Forensic examination found the "incriminating" bullet found embedded in a policeman's radio was police issue. A small protest at the police station resulted in a 16 year old women being beaten by officers. Police protect property and uphold class barriers. Killing a man and beating young women in a poor neighborhood enforces structural occupation, class division and dissuades the poor inhabitants from asserting their rights.

As inequality grows Police forces become more brutal and work harder to suppress any struggle against institutional attacks. Austerity is a weapon wielded by financial elites to plunder the lower classes. They started this war. The masters had hoped the "peons and parasites", phrases from The Daily Mail comments section, would stay cowered under the heightened brutality of their hirelings(police).

Buildings burn to ashes as rage buoys motes forming dark clouds over English cities.

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