Friday, August 26, 2011

This Weak in Critique: Zizek Reproaches London Rioters with Left-Wing Infantilism


I will not quote his abstruse and meandering clarity of hindsight. Alas, the lack of a manifesto. The inability to mount collective action against a powerful and well armed state. Zizek longed for "a night in which all riots are class conscious". No echoes of Lenin or regret over the loss of "objet petit a". A sad and chaotic affair no studious ideologue could find solidarity with. If only they'd quote Chesterton as good British lads. We pray future rioters will be suitably erudite and crack jokes about cartoons as representational apologetics.

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Anonymous said...

It was humorous to see Zizek retread the joke about the wheelbarrow thief. He cites Stalin--Shopping--Marcuse etc Doesn't he realize theft by the poor is the ultimate rebellion against masters of the marketplace?

It's hilarious when he implies western Liberals(and the CIA) aren't happy the Military along with Islamists are ruling in Egypt now. It's the outcome they secured through lucrative arms deals. The head Egyptian General was regaled by the Pentagon a few weeks after Mubarak was deposed. It was reported in many news publications. US is happy with arms buying Islamist Despots in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and Pakistan. The CIA/US DOD brought Saudi Wahabbi groups into Afghanistan to unseat Soviet backed regime. The resulting wars have seen them hop the border and create problems for Pakistan. And they are NOW, along with other NATO lackeys, funding Islamist despots in Libya. His piece ridiculously copies a The Smiths' songtitle from the mid 80's--It's his continuing Waterloo, not Leipzig. He repeats the same images, jokes, allusions in all of his works--The quote about Hegel and repetition is better applied to his work as a published ideologue.