Sunday, August 28, 2011

Triumph of the Revisionary Will(Honoring Global Leaders for Peace and Shitting All Over MLK's Legacy)

The most war mongering nation on this planet held a gala to honor those who take the lead in furthering peace and also felt it suitable to honor Martin Luther King, Jr.(a lovely twofer). The image above is of the former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright sharing a tender moment with Reverend Jesse Jackson. Did Reverend Jackson absolve her of the half million Iraqi children murdered by sanctions she upheld? Did he ask her to atone for saying their deaths were "worth it"?

It gets much much worse. Dame Albright closed the precedings with a speech and received an award for her past and present efforts to take the lead in furthering peace. This is the woman who cornered Serbia into war with the Rambouillet Accords. She also quipped, "If we're gonna spend so much money on all those fancy weapons we might as well use them." It's a wonder the miniature replica of MLK's Memorial didn't explode contacting her bloody hands.

This festival of unintended macabre humor contained other horrors. It deemed the Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, was another Global Leader for Peace. Israel is a warmongering Apartheid state. Gallows humor to have Ambassador Oren speak in praise of a man who'd righteously loathe Israel and anyone who represented it.

The hostess was Mrs. Greenspan, Andrea Mitchell. Her husband thought the Iraq War required no defense. Why? Because, in his words, it was all for oil. That's sufficient!

There were other speakers. The United State Trade Representative, Ron Kirk, especially stands out. He, along with the US State Department, backed the coup in Honduras because the usurper supported US Corporations exploiting laborers with sweat shops and sub-subsistence wages there. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote a book extolling the DIGNITY of ALL LABOR. The United States Trade Representative loves "free trade" deals with dictatorships which destroy the rights of laborers to serve transnational corporations. He is an enemy of every laborer on this planet. His sole purpose is to destroy the rights and diminish the wages of laborers. This is a man Martin Luther King, Jr. wouldn't hesitate to condemn. Ron Kirk praising a man who not only spoke against, but also protested fiercely, the wealth inequality our dear Trade Representative daily strains every fibre of his being to uphold.

They attempted to salve the salt in decency's eyes with Reverend Jackson and a musical performance by Stevie Wonder---But, overall, Martin Luther King, Jr. was shabbily used as a front to praise warmongers, apartheid states, and plutocratic vampires as "Global Leaders for Peace".

Feel free to vomit. Then shower.

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