Thursday, September 29, 2011

Apodictic: Rising Income Inequality Requires Increased Police Brutality(Poor Americans Already Know This)

The Love of Clenched Teeth and Poison

Paymasters cannot allow their hirelings to waste a thought on the humanity of any who protest "order". Just beat the ingrates and shut them up in cages. They'll pay for such impudence. Try getting a job with an arrest for civil disobedience on your record in this economy(snicker). Best to become a jackboot or sign up for the Imperial Resource Looting Enterprise. You'll get to travel! They'll learn you obedience. Plus you'll get to be a hero and kill poor "ragheads" for room, board, and eats----plus wages! Police here in the Homeland already have the right to kill undesirables(cf. Police murdering poor folks in Urban Areas). Brutality's a bagatelle. They let you live. Listen to Obama, "Stop complaining." It could be worse. You could be in Somalia with our torturers and arms dealers.

Or you could be the man in the photo above. Look at the zealous titillation written in CAPS across his face as he sprays mace in a woman's face. He's participating in the brutality he serves. Sure many despise him. He'll soar above it all and win rewards for his obedience. The State loves men like him. He's a valuable asset when accountability is only enforced by, and specifically not applied to, them.

Finally regular folks, not just poor minorities, in the Homeland will get a taste of what poor folks in every corner of the world have from security "American style". It's inevitable this violence would return home and level those spoiled by it. If you have a television, refrigerator, and an X-Box, how dare you ask for more? Those at the top don't like sharing the fruits of massacre and rapine. The GREATEST NATION FOREVER, The United States of Motherskullfucking America, was built on it! You think it can't easily apply that to its own? People in slave shacks, reservations, ghettos and prisons have known it from experience. It is an enduring aspect of liberal "culture". Brutality towards "undesirables" is Obscene(in the classical sense). Since when did "patriotic Americans" ever care? They lose patience when the Genocide of Natives and African Slavery are discussed. 

Now that the police are openly beating white protesters, even women, you're outraged. Too little, too late. Once you applauded the state's brutality towards the most reprobate, you tacitly condoned it towards anyone. Who decides what's reprobate? Obeisant claques that pay homage to mass murdering war criminals, torturers, and banking looters as Gods on Earth.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Appalachian Noir


Moon's yellow,
a sphere of clouded amber,
shines uneasy over black limbs.

Pagan Gods are preserved
like amphibians in formalin.


Hush. Sirens approach.
Nails of red light scratch our faces.

Time is short.
These bodies must explode.
Our flesh will fuse

Time is shed.
Nothing shall break us.
In one plot we'll 
transcend together.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Palestinian Authority=Vichy Palestine

The PA collaborates with Israeli occupiers and killers. They do not represent the Palestinian people. Peruse "The Palestinian Papers" and see how they have always given up nearly everything for crumbs from Israel and the United States. The only good thing to come out of the fake statehood vote in the United Nations is that it may end the "Peace Process", repudiate the roadmap, and stop the United States from helping Israel steal land and brutalize Palestinians in the Territories while doing much worse in Gaza.

Thankfully the ghastly process fashioned at Oslo may also end. If the United States vetoes a yes vote it will alienate itself and its client, Israel, from all of the nations in the Middle East and an overwhelming majority of nations. That would be a good thing. The United States and Israel have arrogantly worked themselves into a dangerous corner.

If the bid fails, it will also undermine any legitimacy the Palestinian Authority claims. They are already unpopular in the Territories and Gaza for the above stated reasons. Much good may spring from an empty gesture at the UN. The two state solution will die a just death.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Monsieur Homais as a Contemporary Journalist

"Yes," said the pharmacist, "no imagination, no wit, nothing that makes a man shine in society."

------Pt. 2, I.

He has more customers than there are sinners in hell; the authorities treat him kindly and he has the public on his side.

He has just been given the cross of the Legion of Honor.

------Pt. 3, XI.

Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary.

As Flaubert's Homais was a concise portrait of the post enlightenment philistine, Thomas Friedman is the present arch philistine of "Globalism". The offhand comments of cab drivers and hotel receptionists the world over are sucked into the vortex of his tireless banality. Billboards and corporate boardroom bon mots are first principles. Ultimately Friedman is the "Ugly American" as an intellectual tourist.

President Obama, bien sur, reads him religiously. Established media in the United States refer to him as a "deep thinker". Our contemporary Homais writes a column weekly for the New York Times.

It is no surprise our Homais is a Centrist. All forms of "extremism" upset him; bottle rockets at a country fair alarmed the 19th century Homais. Like the ass caught between two piles of feed, Friedman can't help braying about the danger of "taking sides".

Unfortunately, he carries and broadcasts the love of his own opinion much further than his literary forefather.

This renders his output less tolerable and culture's adulation("best selling books") of it more troubling.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Under the Exchange

"Electoral democracy greatly resembles the world of the Stock Exchange; in both cases, it is necessary to work upon the simplicity of the masses, to buy the cooperation of the most important papers, and to assist chance by an infinity of trickery; there is not a great deal of difference between a financier who puts grand-sounding concerns on the market, which come to grief in a few years, and the politician who promises his fellow citizens an infinite number of reforms, which he does not know how to bring about and which resolve themselves simply into an accumulation of parliamentary papers. Neither one nor the other knows anything about production and yet they manage to obtain control over it, to misdirect it and to exploit it shamelessly: they are dazzled by the marvels of modern industry and they each imagine that the world is so rich that they can rob it on a large scale without causing any great outcry amongst the producers; to bleed the taxpayer without bringing him to the point of revolt, that is the whole art of the statesman and the great financier. Democrats and businessmen have a very special science for the purpose of making deliberative assemblies approve of their swindling; parliamentary regimes are as fixed as shareholders' meetings. It is probably because of the profound psychological affinities resulting from these methods of operation that they both understand each other so perfectly: democracy is the paradise of which unscrupulous financiers dream."
-------Georges Sorel, Reflections on Violence, VII, I.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dick Cheney: The United States Government Made Flesh

"For they illustrate the beginning of this disastrous institution---which Tiberius so cunningly insinuated, first under control, then bursting into an all engulfing blaze."

------- Tacitus, Annals of Imperial Rome.

It is difficult for "Americans" to gaze upon the living image of their government. Venal, cowardly, heartless, contemptuous of laws, and eager to ostentatiously preen over the glory of snooping, torturing, and mass murdering. They hate this walking mirror. Members of the Punditocracy are seized by a catharsis of slavish infatuation with the power he represents and a cringing abhorrence of his refusal to apologize for the global crime wave it spurred. Cheney, as a proud Patriot, takes pride in its exceptional scope.

If you ask God to bless America, you are asking him to bless Dick Cheney. He is its true spirit made flesh. President Obama is no better. He has a younger, prettier, face, buries the criminality in bromide, and smiles more. The spirit endures though the flesh may unravel.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

9/11: Fetishism as Imperial Anodyne

Vain would be all attempts to convey the horror which thrilled the gathering spectators of this piteous tragedy.

---"Postscript to 'On Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts'", De Quincey.

A nation has become a somnambulist trying to step out of a nightmare. This nightmare was tailored from its own terror. Imitation was not deemed flattery. Nothing has changed but the exponential rush to fetishism as an anodyne. Exceptionalism is a Neurosis that comforts us in gilded cribs. Security waxes fierce as the noon day sun. It blinds. The United States has never recovered from the audacity of its own violence returning home. It is now a terrorized nation utilizing terrorism to cow its people and murder all enemies. Anodynes are required. A housing bubble, low credit, fraud encouraged, impunity for torturers, and keep shopping!

All to no avail. The mass murder of thousands of poor Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya has not sated our leaders' bloodlust. This war, an Odyssey, must go on. Stop your ears and cover your eyes. Truth is a treacherous Siren.

Every avenue of communication must be monitored for your own protection. People can't have the luxury of privacy. In asserting the right to monitor all citizens the State requires complete secrecy for itself. Again, nothing has changed but imposing complete inability for any citizen to protest State violence and secrecy. Ubiquitous Surveillance has all the legal sanction of Aggressive War.

Incipit an Epic Rant on the "Innocence" of the United States Before 9/11/01

"Outraged chastity avenges itself in continuously fucking."---Blythe Tart

A Nation built on genocide(Native Americans) and exploitation(African Slavery, Chinese and Mexican Slavery on railroads, wage slavery, prison labor, looting through aggressive wars, etc.) has no right to speak of innocence lost. It's birth as a nation established the rule of white male elites who deemed Africans sub-human and Native Americans ripe to be pillaged. THE PAST "INNOCENCE" OF THE UNITED STATES IS THE GREATEST ANODYNE OF ALL. Since the invasion of Mexico in the 19th Century it has embarked on numerous aggressive wars--- Mexico, Philippines, Cuba, Central America, South America, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, etc. Not to mention funding acts of terror and mass murder in Indonesia, Iran, Yemen, Ossetia, Egypt, Lebanon, Chile, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bahrain. How many millions have violently perished, before 9/11/01, from the "kinetic benevolence" of this "innocent" nation?

The Atomic Bombs dropped on the civilians of Hiroshima and Nagasaki needlessly. Truman admitted he dropped them to send a message to the Soviet Union, not hasten the end of the war.

The cruel medical experiments practiced on poor folks in Central America just after World War 2. This "innocent" nation also infected black men in the "homeland" of "innocence" with syphilis, without their knowledge for a medical study.

Since its inception the United States has labored to make the aphorism, "There is no greater evil than innocence.", a truism.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Jusqu'a l'automne

Legs like ribbons 
brush over ground,

tindering dream's accord. 

Cruel when heaven's 
bright prescience

loses compass 
in meteor showers.

We seek rest, 
wary of umbrous bowers.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Sub specie saeculi

"Times when injustice reigned and a crime was legally sanctioned,....."
---Lucan, Pharsalia, Bk. I, ln. 2.

1. Nobody weeps over the past death of futurism.

2. At no time has so much power been held by so few. Odd those few persistently demand certainty.

3. Anarchists are realists, not cynics. No greater cynicism than believing we need powerful institutions for "the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness".

4. The War on Terror is murderous irony. We are expected to believe the United States and its allies are fighting against Islamic Extremists. No nation has supported and armed Islamic Extremists more than the United States in the past half century. It supported Fundamentalists in Egypt under Nasser. Utilized Iranian fundamentalist support to overthrow Mossadegh. Recruited and armed Wahabbi groups to infiltrate Afghanistan in the late 70's to topple a Soviet backed republic. Armed Iraqi Shiites to topple Saddam Hussein before the last Iraq bombing and invasion. Now the US/NATO is supporting Fundamentalist groups in Libya to overthrow Gaddafi's secular regime. Over 30,000 bombs fell on Libya to support insurgents affiliated with Al Qaeda. The CIA has long supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Syria. It also arms and supports the Fundamentalist Monarchy in Saudi Arabia. The United States wars on Islamic Moderates by supporting and arming Islamic Extremists. They are useful forces to destabilize social movements in Muslim nations. The United States abhors the "Arab Street".

5. Tell the poor to stop buying lottery tickets. Marketing pipe dreams is evil.

6. Partisans desire betrayal.

7. Political Science classifies the rage of institutional violence.

8. What if we laughed at every manifestation of seriousness? The sobriety of critique never rocks the boat. Sailors should drown seas with laughter.

9. Harpocrates doesn't shine any less because he's forgotten. Don't tell a soul.

10. Ten is more fetish than number. No greater failure than perfection.

11. The nation as household simile is the crassest form of introducing micro-economic fabulism into macroeconomics.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

A Message from the President of the United States of AAAmerica(Courtesy of Obamaaa2012)

Keep shopping folks. The recovery's slow, but we're on the right track. Be sure to tune into my speech on jobs. I will say some wonderful things. The theme: "The United States, Forever a Triple A Rated Nation".

Leadership works best when it forges and promotes plans to help everyone. TARP, ACA, and HAMP are glorious examples of free enterprise and the government coming together to serve this great nation and its hard working people. Corporate leaders, Bankers and I have hashed out some wonderful work in the past few years.

What's that? None of this collusion has benefited you?

Well, wait a little. Don't be so fiercely rooted in the now. I won't be so beholden to electoral politics the next term. I'll be free to follow my heart and revisit ties to the community.

Why the concern? It will only be my past. To revisit the War Crimes and widespread Financial Fraud of the past decade would stir up too much trouble. Now is not the time to look back. The recovery is fragile and only a fool would invite more uncertainty. Markets need our vote of confidence. Let's look forward and watch as recovery dawns on tomorrow's horizon.

Until then I gotta raise a fuckload of money to cinch this election. You understand, don't you? Trust me. I am working for all of you. You're all heroes---(dramatic pause)---especially the brave men and women serving this great nation overseas.

God Bless AAAmerica


To donate devote 401k contributions to BAC, GS, JPM, GE, GM, and CXW.