Monday, February 27, 2006

To Mother

Metre of my heart, measure of my breath,
inscrutable as the void of a star's death;
until fate smothers the last day's light
your metre, your measure, chastens night.

No cloud can dim the gold of your love.
No coal fire can rise and choke hearths above.
The clear of your eyes, the unspoken law,
dissipates clouds and coats day in clement awe.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Worldliness, Idolatry Be Damned

Sic vos, non vobis mellificatis, apes.

As the trough chewing Idolaters watch ersatz sirens cry out songs
worse than any audible shipwreck, my eyes scan the world. What do I see?

I see anti-Islamism in so many forms. The United Arab Emirates has
a company that wishes to purchase the rights to US ports and their security.
Reactionaries cry out, "Three of the 9-11 hi-jackers were citizens of the U.A.E.,
and they supported the Taliban!". What they forget is that the United States
Congress voted a monetary reward for The Taliban in its efforts to thwart
Heroin production by destroying the cultivation of certain plants. It earmarked
$40 million for the Taliban. Far more than the U.A.E. ever gave them. Also,
United States pilot schools trained the 9-11 hi-jackers and there are far more
terrorists living in the United Kingdom and other European nations--would
there be as much outcry if the UK wanted to buy some ports? The U.A.E. is a
valuable, moderate, ally in the Middle East. To alienate them out of reactionary
bigotry and "playing to those who hate the ragheads" political point scoring would
be tragic. Playing to the morons is for television.

Another area is in Nuclear Arms proliferation. A peaceful, threatened, nation, Iran,
wishes to protect itself from threats by the United States(Axis of Evil) and Israel(which has
nukes). Iran has not invaded six nations like the USA has in the past 20 years(Panama,
Kuwait, Yugoslavia, The Sudan, Afghanistan and Iraq). Nor has it shot down a passenger
airliner over international waters killing over 350 people(The US Air Force shot down an
Iranian Airline Plane over the Persian Gulf). It has also not illegally invaded three neighboring
states, like Israel, and violated international laws and treaties by subjecting Palestinians
to inhuman conditions and destroying their homesteads with US made jets, helicopters, tanks
and bulldozers. BUT-- They are Muslims! The only reason to mistrust them! Somehow other,
more warlike, states are allowed to have Nukes but a threatened state is not allowed! Precious!
After Bush's post 9-11 State of the Union and the intense US Military build up in the Middle East
--and an avowed "first strike pre-emptive defense policy"--Iran has a right to fear the new US
"regime change" agenda. It is reasonable for the leadership of Iran to attain Nuclear Weaponry
to protect their sovereignty.

Turning back towards home......My mother turns -- next week. Bless her. Gambling keeps her

I feel the world coming to me. It greets me every morning with a cheerful smile. Every ray of the
sun touches me with the loving warmth of an erect prick. And the love spills over me from the heavens--
an ejaculation of gold light.
I am this World. Idol of it all. The Name on the cover of this Book. Idolatry be damned!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cold Days and the Levee Christ(No More Mr. Precious)

Love is stronger than witchcraft.

---Robert Pollard

I am standing back from my latest realist painting titled--- "The Levee Christ".

The mise-en-scene: A black Christ bound to the slope of a New Orleans' levee
as the waters rise. In the foreground a black woman mourns and a white man runs
off with a bag. The skies are gray and a loan dove is floating above the Christ's
It is cold today. Not a blanket of cloud in the sky. The sun's gold fools me.

I am against all forms of Punitive Mandatory Minimums. From Draconian Drug
Laws to the new, reactionary, Jessica's Laws against Child Sex offenders. What if
a child who is molested grows up, from the trauma of their early experience, to molest
a child? Should he or she be punished again? With 25 years to life? And I am sick of
a media elite which states that pedophilia is incurable. Ina society that offers no
treatment and lifelong Pariah-dom to any child sex offender and yet turns around
and glorifies the appeal of the sexuality of youthfulness, it reeks of hypocrisy.
They ask a sex offender who has to register--can't find a job and known to all as
a "freak" or "monster" to get a job--and gain an income. After Incarceration, no
type of treatment and then probation--to pay off punitive damages and court fees--
the offender has no economic ability to seek help. So this is the ideal situation where
Sexual Offenders re-offend just to go back to prison where other pariahs wait to
befriend them.....Can anyone seriously maintain that the present system even tries
to rehabilitate Pedophiles and Sex Offenders? It's amazing that more don't re-offend.
There should be more of a concerted effort to treat Pedophiles--It is a mental illness.
It is only exacerbated by pariah-dom and economic want.

I would also like to applaud Mel for her admirable stand for Muslims on the Cartoons
I am through being precious. Love is serious.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I Have Returned With Skyclad Eyes and Dewed Earth Kisses

Jesus Christ was the greatest Suicide Bomb.

I am back. Have I been missed? I believe so. The ayes have it. The stars contained
in their kaleidal blue. A tidal stare upwards.
Let me kiss this page and plant an idyll. Moist, dew kissed, fields to run across.
The Tree's lantern led me here. The bomb will not be as bad as the fallout.
A lost dog never barks. Why? Back to the Baskets.