Monday, April 24, 2006

The Lay of Mammon

"I have made a pact with Prostitution to sow disorder in families." "Maldoror", Book I, VII, Lautreamont.

With infinite sadness I wail the sufferings of Mr. Lay. A fallen angel flapping his fractured wings from the deepest pit of Hell fails to attain the quantum of sadness endured by Ken Lay. He did no wrong. From his vacation house in Vail, Colorado, his wife's mascara washes down her face like the mighty Orinoco. One would think Hera's upset over another infidelity of randy ole Zeus. This sadness cuts deeper. It involves bank accounts, horded treasure--a birthright! The Titans of Law have stormed Olympus! Pan pipes on Argos! The Old Gods are dead! (Hardly.)

Someone had to fall. The true God still stands. Banks are now open on Sunday.....Bye Bye churches. If you wish to swindle and rob the people--Do it with zest, sans pretence--Then retire with a nice Pension!(CF. Mr Oil Man with bad teeth who can still smile fulsomely)

Justitia's a whore. She'll take a Lay over an oily stage any day. It's all about appearances.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Resonance and Transcendence

The only sincere Atheism is silence.


We who speak, write or sing implicitly place faith
in a transcendent third. Be it a God or Gods or Dead
Ancestors with titles. For how else could we posit
meaning? No God or Gods before speech...No death
in the spiritual sense either. Only with Consciousness
and self-Consciousness comes Gods or God or spirits.
Such consciousness is lingual. It is the ground of
perception and apperception. Gods are the collective
hope surpassing Death.

A proof of the lingual/theological connection is the zeal
for a universal language centered in the West after the
establishment of the "Revealed Universal Religion"(Christianity).
It also determines political discourse. Power always speaks
through God or Gods. Be they Ideals of a Messianic Proletariat
or Pallas Athene.



Sunday, April 02, 2006

Past and Present Day Yahoos


At present I am reading Swift's "Journal to Stella". A collection
of private letters written to a Ms. Johnson and Dingle(Stella and Dingle)
during the last years of Queen Anne's reign.

The letters paint a vivid tableau of political strife between Whigs and
Tories. Swift was alienated from the Whigs and growing closer
to the Tories. Many felt he was an opportunist because of the ascendancy
of the Tories at the time. It's an unfair charge.
The bitter party strife led Swift to pen great satires on how inimical and
ridiculous political factionism can be. Reading these letters helps me see
how ridiculous todays factions are in America. As Swift wrote, "Rarely
do the differences merit so much spirit--Over matters so silly as to make
a cantankerous porter giggle.." "Tis sad to see friendships lamed, good
works lain aside because of that miserable harpie faction". I am the first to
admit that some disagreement can be healthy. When it gets to the point
of horseblinded and hidebound hatred--as it is on FOXNews and Radio America
etc..... Both sides should be ashamed. Each side has nothing but Ire or "one way
to break the egg".
To claim oneself as a partisan of either side is a sign of mental
debasement. Certain words are thrown about--"Conservative", "Liberal" etc
counterfeit coins which mean nothing. It's more of a lifestyle and consumption
pattern--a 'fashion" than a sincere belief on how government should be.
All sins can be traced to intellectual laziness---I am with Plato, and Swift.