Saturday, January 29, 2011

US Loath to Lose Tyrants and Designated Torture Masters of Egypt

The United States government stands to lose a

"great friend and stable ally" in Mubarak's Egypt.

President Mubarak and his Chief of Interior, General

Omar Suleiman, Head of Secret Police and its torture

chambers,freshly minted as Vice President, are now

sending provocateurs out to sow anarchy in the streets

inspiring fear in the people who despise them. They have

even opened prisons to increase anomie in the hopes

that people will long for their brand of "order". President

Obama is keen to stress that peaceful demonstrators have

rights setting the defense for Mubarak and Suleiman to

crack down on "violent protestors" to foster "good old days"



Since the Presidency of George W. Bush the

government of Egypt has been a proxy torturing

center for the US in the Global War on Terror.

General Suleiman not only appeases US demands

for torture but goes further and heads an extensive

army of Secret Police which also terrorizes and tortures

Egyptian people who dare oppose President Mubarak's

tyranny. President Mubarak and General Suleiman are

also great friends of Israel and aid the blockade of Gaza.


The Egyptian Military receives over a billion dollars in

US aid every year. The Tear Gas canisters, tanks and guns

used in the streets of major Egyptian cities are paid for by

US taxpayers. Our tax dollars bolster up torturers and tyrants

in Egypt. It is no surprise an Egyptian protestor shouts at

US Corporate Media cameras, "Get out of our country!".

US leadership backs a tyrannical and torturing kleptocracy

that lives on the backs of the people with arms and money.

They are well paid torturers and follow their paymaster's

lead in the Middle East, ignoring the plight of the people.

President Obama and the State Department refuse to place

pressure on President Mubarak to leave a nation that rejects

him. United States aid is the only thing that props up

Mubarak's reign. The longer US rides the fence on Mubarak

the messier the streets of Cairo, Alexandria and Suez will



It must be said that US Economic policy, driven by Federal

Reserve currency printing and Wall Street Speculators, has

created worldwide inflation in the prices of essential

commodities. Food and fuel prices have skyrocketed. People

of all nations are suffering as champagne glasses sparkle and

toasts ring out in Davos. The International Banking Cartel

asks for trillions more dollars to "handle" world wealth for

their benefit. The beginning of the revolt in North Africa

began as a protest against inflation and the kleptocratic rule

of a crony political class. How removed are those conditions

from the US and many other "Western Democracies"?

If Mubarak falls in Egypt, which appears inevitable, he will be

the second ally of the US War on Terror to fall in North Africa.

Is Colonel Qhaddafi next?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Myshkina's Discretion

A voice slips from virgin
lips bunted in lush crimson.

It whisks away accounted gray.

Her hand in mine runs current
of pneuma flooding everything.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Praise of Bullets

A pull of the trigger and magically, with scant effort, opposition
is abolished...the crisp scent of gunpowder spells a pointed
calm...every bullet a tiny urn crammed with enchanted dust...
Ithyphallic and industrially pristine with a sharp
metallic profile...oversized bottom a pedestal for the shaft's
rise to pointed head...Rockets we pocket in chambers cold as 
mortician's heart...

Struck by the infernal ingenuity of man contriving to
so easily erase life...this glory we build upon...why 
shouldn't all engage? Enough bullets to plink every star 
from clear night skies...shoot down heaven to liberate fortune...

This envoi is carried on wafer shaped dishes unsettling
the peace in our makes hearts swell...
they open and drink up blood spilled...the 
anonymity of those passed discovered, 
just as the humble stone cutter from Galilee played 
Deicide...One universal gesture of grace...a movement, 
Parmenides' sail bruising Terpsichore's heel...we hiss 
like broken samovars, eyes wider than evil's gate. 
Let me lick my fingers to part your hair and love
you with well aimed words. Carve our names on every 
bullet and we'll commune in massacre.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pellic Abyss

Dark tresses spun
from Fallen Angel's wing.
Black lace covers Sun
where damned souls sing.

Starless heaven's robe
from God's rage wove,
curb the dizzy globe
where lustful eyes rove.

Sated hearts shun
where flush limbs bend,
and hands lushly run
to the delicate end.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Rhetorical Wishes

We cannot shed imperfection. If rhetoric was less about
suggestion and more about forensics, i.e. openly accepting
limitations, embarking on discovery and not solely aiming
to vanquish rhetorical "foes", maybe it'd touch what's best
in us and not incite the worst. Here I invoke the Socratic
ideal: Midwivery in discussion, not combat.

The contemporary inability to discuss things openly without
descending into partisan bromides is the symptom of an age
that embraces anti-intellectualism and worships success,
especially via force majeure.

I realize these are vague notions and not rigorous prescriptions.
They do not address any issue directly. It is not evasive to
welcome tangential reflections and allow words to essay every
association freely without shame.

"Mind" is a vague locus for everything arbitrarily placed above
sensation. A surplus value that, sadly, can't escape the division
of labor.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Twilight 'Zona: American Exceptionalism and the Collapse of Civility

"By isolating the case and by depriving it of the right to be
examined in conjunction with the generic whole(and therein
consists the only defense of the unfortunate "delusioned" ones),
you thereby, as it were, not only seal the final verdict against
them, but you even alienate from them mercy itself, because you
are directly asserting that their very errors were caused solely
by their repulsive qualities and that these youths, who even are
guilty of no crime, must arouse contempt and disgust."
----Dostoevsky, "One of the Contemporaneous Falsehoods".
In the quote above Dostoevsky notes the denial of the Russian
Intellegentsia to honestly examine the Nechaev case. Newspapers
and journals were filled with stories about deluded loners and
exceptionally insane idiots leading the anarchist group's murder
of a doubting member. Nobody could except that a sane and educated
Russian could ever do such evil. Peruse US newspapers after the
recent massacre in Arizona. History is sadly repeating itself. No
way a sane, educated "American" could plan and carry out this
kind of massacre! Mentioning the "Guns and Ammo" rhetoric of
reactionary US politicians was deemed irresponsible and unfair.
No mention of the complete absence of minimal Gun Laws in the
state of Arizona. No mention of the deep economic depression the
US now experiences. All of that is hushed and the actor is considered
a lone acting lunatic and nothing could be done. Lots of pious
hand wringing, no rational analysis of the inability of mental health
services for millions of "Americans" but, absurdly, easy access to
guns for the mentally ill. The thousands of women and children
killed by US drones in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen
do not merit a mention. Poor dark people are not as human or
innocently sacrosanct as white americans or a politician who
votes to fund the Drone bombing policy.
Movies and TV glorify guns, explosions and violence. Torture was
glorified on fictional TV series like "24". The plight of US occupiers
in Iraq was wept over in a film that completely ignored over a million
Iraqi dead in "The Hurt Locker". Empire has its discontents for the
poor "Americans" killing wholesale and destroying the social fabric
of a nation. That's mainstream "Liberalism" in the US. "There's no
joy in being the world's largest arms dealer and mass murderer of
poor brown people!" "Torture is okay when we do it to Muslims and
we don't have to see it!" "Nevermind the daily torture of thousands
of prisoners in our own country! They're poor and they deserve it!"
Mainstream "Conservatism" is worse. It feels that any recognition
of something rather than the ardent celebration of US Military power
and excessive support for the inequality of wealth is akin to treason.
They mock paraplegics who ask for healthcare reform as commies.
They kick them and throw dollars down contemptuously and laugh
at their plight.
Now we have calls for greater Police State measures. Offers to make
laws against dangerous speech. Which is interesting bearing in mind
that most of the inflammatory speech in the US is coming from politicians
and their paid minions in Corporate Media. But Politicians and the Media
Elite can never be held accountable for their lapses. No, the people must
suffer for them. When the Big Banks failed who bailed them out? Who
was punished? The people. In this bizarro world where crimes are committed
by our supposed Government servants and cheered on by their corporate
media claques the criminals walk and the people are punished. If the shooter
in Arizona was Jamie Dimon we'd have editorials and news programs about
how he "never could have foreseen that a loaded gun fired into a crowd of
people would have killed anyone".
In the US the love of comfort, wealth and success is oddly coupled with an
admiration for guns, military and torture. "Americans" also love to exalt
the wealthy while rushing to scapegoat the weakest and poor of the world
and their own society. Civil Society no longer exists in the US. It is a
consumption culture. Anything that gets in the way of business, comfort
and delusions of exceptionalism must be destroyed. The US is a psychotic
who abhors the truth. When Wikileaks exposed US policy, its policy of war
crime and torture, it was vilified as an enemy that must be wiped out. How are
the US politicians and Media commentators different from Islamic
Fundamentalists who issued Fatwas on Salman Rushdie when they call for
the elimination or assassination of Julian Assange? Americans refuse to
see the madness of their culture. They deny it. When it is shown to them
they either become enraged and call for the destruction of the messengers
or write it off as an aberration not exhibiting the "exceptional" nature of
what being "American" is about. When US citizens see mass murderers,
torturers and high level financial criminals walk and, furthermore, receive
greater rewards despite their heinous acts, why should they have qualms
about "joining the club"? The shooter's acts in Arizona mirror the psychosis
of US policy in the world and in its own society. Unfortunately the US Gov't
never asks for defense because overwhelming power needs none----
But, do not cry, they have an army of well paid claques in the MSM singing
their praises and celebrating the glorious expansion of "Free Markets"
and the eternally unmatched heroism of US Military personnel. So,
remember well, a mass murder committed by a US Citizen is an act of
unexplainable madness and delusion. Mass murder, torture and
destruction of civil society by US elites needs no defense because we're
the greatest nation in the Universe forever.
That's reasonable.

FAMAS(Corporal Patain)

Frigid, rough, and damp,
skin of Cimmerian eves
warping reflection
like father's curse

Seductive as a fallen Queen,
my sweet death

of hollow mouths
and gutted breasts

Your cold surface
shakes me from sloth

of the Seraphic spell
of powder and shell.

A Scan's Echo

Her smile, a constellation,
marks eyes brightly

A metaphysics hushed...

Breath lost as her hands,
conjure dream.

Diachronous chorals 
sing the leaves,
days strewn carelessly, 
covering wishes.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Cold War Colossus: NATO's Expansion Eastward

"For some time, relative calm was maintained in South Ossetia.
The peacekeeping force composed of Russians, Georgians and
Ossetians fulfilled its mission, and ordinary Ossetians and
Georgians, who live close to each other, found at least some
common ground....What happened on the night of Aug. 7 is
beyond comprehension. The Georgian military attacked the
South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali with multiple rocket
launchers designed to devastate large areas....Mounting a
military assault against innocents was a reckless decision whose
tragic consequences, for thousands of people of different
nationalities, are now clear. The Georgian leadership could do
this only with the perceived support and encouragement of a
much more powerful force. Georgian armed forces were trained
by hundreds of U.S. instructors, and its sophisticated military
equipment was bought in a number of countries. This, coupled
with the promise of NATO membership, emboldened Georgian
leaders into thinking that they could get away with a "blitzkrieg"
in South Ossetia...Russia had to respond. To accuse it of aggression
against "small, defenseless Georgia" is not just hypocritical but
shows a lack of humanity."
("A Path to Peace in the Caucasus", Mikhail Gorbachev, Washington Post)

The above is a clear picture of US/NATO policy. A unilateral expansion eastward
to benefit Western Capital(Banks, Corps and Oil Co's) globally. The Cold War
has never ended for one side. The US, through NATO, is soaking US and EU
taxpayers for a larger "Global Footprint" to dominate world markets for cronies.
IMF and the World Bank are the financial arms of this process. Russia, China
and Iran are surrounded by military bases. The action in Ossetia alone, and
Serbia, Iraq and AFPAK, is enough to know they're not above mass murder to
achieve "Free Market" ends.
It's laughable how Western Media elites wail over Russian Courts sending a
corrupt and embezzling Oligarch to jail. They mouth lovely phrases about
respect for the rule of law as war criminals, torturers and financial fraudsters
are favored by the law in their own countries.
They cry when China sets rigorous standards for Google operating in their
country. Google is a known leaker of information to US intelligence agencies.
Why would China allow carte blanche for corporate lackeys to leak private
information of their citizens to foreign intel agencies?
US/NATO is a Living Corpse sowing death all over the world. It, like all
malignancies, has outlived its usefulness and now only finds life in ravaging
the living.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Causa Sui Generis(Slumber of Children or Modern Mythos)

"In thy breast are the stars of thy fate."

----Schiller, Wallenstein.

When we speak of stars it must be known, to all below
their lustre, the innumerable tiaras, crowns, and laurels
the proud have decked brows with have fallen from heaven. 
We cannot maintain with straight faces that the crowned have 
lifted their heads midst the stars. Their raiment is far less lustrous 
than the sheetless night lovers twine beneath.

Logic lends itself to bursts of calculated effusion, like lilies bloom
off the graded edge of a paved road.

Peel away dream. The dream a few moments
of sunlight never fails to erode.

All measure mirrors cosmology.

Cosmogonies sublimated by oblivious dreamers.