Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Exceptional American Dictionary of Received Ideas(A)

(Homage to Flaubert) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------1. ABORTION Always for convenience. "If we aborted more poor babies we'd have less criminals." Jesus loves terminated fetuses more than living humans. ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------2. ACADEMY Thunder against them as cabals of Marxist Elitists. --------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------- 3. ACCIDENT Never happens to the poor. --------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -4. ACCESS Only to be spoken of when describing Lobbyists' or Journalists' relation to Politicians. No other legitimate form. ---------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------5. ACHIEVEMENT Always by dint of tireless effort. Only possible with hard work. Cite heroic single mother with 3 jobs. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------6. ACTION Military term for something humanitarian. Nod head solemnly and sigh over how many lives a military action saved. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------7. ADDICTION Label as sickness but still agree people should be imprisoned for certain addictions. Never mention treatment. ---------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------8. ALCOHOL Not a drug because it's legal.(cf. Pharmaceutical) An endless source of artistic inspiration. People are more truthful when inebriated. "In Vino Veritas" is in Bible. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------9. AMERICA Refers only to The United States. Exclude rest of North America and South America entirely. "Greatest Nation in History." Pinnacle of Civilization. Decry irksome burden being Policeman of the World. ---------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10. ANARCHISM Chaos. Lethal to "Free Markets". Wisely quip, "Without AMERICAN military the world would descend into anarchy." ---------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------11. ANDROGENY A sign of homosexuality. Giggle and grunt, "Man up." ---------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12. ANTHROPOGENIC If linked to anything scientific thunder against as fraudulent and central to New World Order's oppression. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------13. APOCALYPSE Something about the Mayans and 2012. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14. APPLE "Best Tech gadgets Made in America!" Greatest Corporation on planet. At same time bemoan inattentive youths' attachment to I-Pads. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------15. ARABS(see MUSLIMS) Poor, uneducated. Unworthy of human rights safeguards. All are radical and plotting to destroy AMERICA. Mention Stone Age and Sharia Law with concerned look. Every Arab man mistreats women. "A shame they have oil." Saudis are not Arabs but Iranians are. --------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------16. ARBOR DAY Eco-terrorist Holiday. --------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------17. ARGUMENT Never helpful. A sign of rudeness to engage in. --------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------18. ARMY Essential guarantors of Freedom. They are all heroes. --------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------19. ART Useless waste of time and tax dollars. Spreads immorality. --------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------20. ASIA China, Japan and Korea. Are all Hard workers but shifty. Always pirating goods, unlike AMERICANS.(cf. Dickens) --------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 21. ASS The larger it is the more beautiful. --------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------22. ASSETS If inheriting took "years of hard work to build". Sacrilege to tax inherited assets. "I see dead people taxed." --------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------23. ASSUMPTIONS Sufficient reason for any AMERICAN military action. (Cf. Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya) --------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------24. ATHEISM Faithless.(cf. ISLAM) --------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------25. ATTITUDE Impossible to achieve anything without a good one. --------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------26. ATTORNEYS Only defend criminals. Lower than politicians. --------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------- 27. AUGMENT To be used when discussing wealth. --------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------28. AUSTERITY Duty of middle and lower classes to endure entirely. --------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------29. AUTHORITIES Never subject to laws they uphold. They just "enforce the law". (cf. Patriot Act) --------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 30. AUTISM Only occurs in Celebrity's or Professional Athlete's families. Mention vaccines and telethons. --------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------31. AUTOCRAT Never an Ally of AMERICA. All enemies are ruled by one. --------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------32. AVARICE A Virtue. Promotes morality, well being. A sign of superior breeding. (In a pinch cite Darwin, hedge by countering with "Evolution only applies to Animals".) -------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------33. AWARD Always earned. Impossible to achieve without aid from God. -------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------34. AXIS Something evil.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Plus de

Paper boats ease
'cross marble seas.

Her lips, full as cherub's, swell sails full.
Gusts of warm gales stroke seamen gentle.

Subtle hands conjure a vision
where sailors with baked lips
swear they've kissed the sun.

Eyes like bright sirens beckon.

Plus mais pas plus 
hante cette rive.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Palingenesis of Humanitarian Bombings

"Their bombs are a mark of tenderness for which,
I'm sure, the Libyan people are grateful."
--------- Cynic Berber
Taking sides in a Civil War and increasing anomie
is hardly a way to create humanitarian outcomes.
NATO is merely flexing its muscle to keep the anti-
colonial revolts in line and to remind Egyptians
the West still has the ability. Mind you don't
alienate them. The Mediterranean is NATO's. Ignore
this at your peril. Besides, bombing Libya places the
massacres of Yemen and Bahrain in the shade. Any
major news agency reporting on the Saudi forces
intervening in Bahrain? They're shooting protestors
and securing the crackdown on the Shiite majority.
Israel has bombed Gaza, killing three children and
an elderly man....The missiles' golden fire lights up
the black screen for US cable news viewers like a
fireworks show. It's lovely and they call it humane.
This Odyssey is a recurring lost way with no dawn.
Humanitarian bombings have created more misery
in the past 30 years, refugee crises and sectarian
violence, than diplomacy has been able to contain.
Every humanitarian bombing has led to an intensified
civil war or interventionist war. They are a physical
means of sanctioning a state. The death and devastation
always accelerate the collapse of civil society and
factions fight over dwindling scraps.
So these bombing always recur. All the reasons are
there to preach. No matter how every humanitarian
bombing has always resulted in increased misery for
those we pretend to serve; be they Iraqi people, Afghan
women or Libyan rebels. Our bombs destroy
infrastructure and drive deep wedges in their societies
that last to this day. The amplification of sectarian
animosity by favoring a certain side is always a result.
On humanitarian grounds Westerners should be
concerned about the plight of those bombed for
their own good. Unfortunately NATO's brand of
humanitarianism only goes as far as self interest
(free markets, cheap oil). Even on that scale
Humanitarian bombings fail for everyone but Oil Co's,
War Contractors and politicians hoping for a "rally
round the bomber" poll boost(Sarkozy).
These type of bombings will continue because they
look great, have low casualties for the bombing nations,
and show an active, though disingenuous, concern.
They benefit the elites who pat themselves on the back
for the humanitarian fireworks show. Don't bother
counting dead bodies. The cause was just.
These lines will be repeated when they "have to" bomb
again.....Such a burden(pauvre d'eux).
All of this is a mark of tenderness for which the bombed
are thankful.

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Beau Lit II

Sky grey as seven million
etiolated periwigs.

Made beds in
vacant rooms
hum mercy.

Pillows pile ramparts inviolate.

Softness barters concern's call
yielding repose from every fall.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Lentement, mais vrai.

Walk slow, straight.
Let steps sound true,
head high, daring fate
to obscure the view.

Eyes over faces
surrender to 
endless horizon.

Under all things
black shoes shine
grins of kings
weighing dark design.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Beware the Bromides of March

"Myth, with its always circular structure, is indeed the

story of a foundation. It permits the construction of a

model according to which the different pretenders can

be judged."

Gilles Deleuze, "The Simulacrum and Ancient Philosophy".


March 7, 2011 will go down as a day of infamy.

Two events enshrined the abuse of Executive Power and

failure of the Rule of Law in the United States.


1) President Obama signed an Executive Order to restart

Military Commissions and also to continue Indefinite

Detention of those deemed "a threat to US security" at



2) A group of state Attorney Generals release Fraudclosure

investigation study and do not find any criminal conduct by

banks, but call for fines.







It is no longer possible to discern President Obama's "America"

from President George W. Bush's. Both agree that power, state

sponsored or backed by corporate coffers, must not be held

accountable to law. They also agree the Constitution is "just a

piece of paper." Remember when Senator Obama boasted about

his college days studying Constitutional Law on the campaign

trail? Perhaps the trappings of Executive Power have erased those

lessons. Maybe he's proving himself to his elite bosses. Not only

will he torture folks, he'll go further and allow a US Soldier to be

tortured at Quantico Brig in good Ol' Virginia. He won't bother

rendering to a black site or Gitmo. He'll expand the Drone Bombing

Campaign to Pakistan and Yemen. A policy which mass murders

civilians under the aegis of "Targeted Assassination". He will

excite the envy and earn the praise of Neo-Cons, future King

George's and tyrants by issuing assassination warrants on US

citizens sans due process.





Bankers continue to escape accountability for the massive fraud

they practice every day and which, just over two years ago, crashed

our economy. Evasion is one thing, but they are being rewarded

in the trillions for their malfeasance.




Fraud and torture are the law of the land. Telling the truth earns

torture and makes one an aider and comforter of enemies. The

pretense is they are upholding laws and protecting freedom as

civil liberties are surrendered wholesale.



Wealth is the latest Clerical Immunity. They do God's work.

Law's a shrinking violet when "Market Indulgences" are

handed to Judges, Legislators, and Presidents.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Bleeding Alice

She was counting hairs
and, forgetting time,
made light of daily cares
with a naughty rhyme.

Her clear eyes flash
in light's refraction
and boldly mock life
in mimed perfection.
                                     On naked glass
                                     her image bleeds.
                                     Hands cannot cup
                                     water from these