Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Body's recollection
    kneads mind.

Fruitless speculation
    molts dusk.

Open eyes owl
 sprung from bowels...
 the baser pole
  sputters wisdom.

These fouled sheets,
  an epoch's labor...

Bodiless trace,
ah nurse! comfort me!
  That hoary face...
Hollow eyes above me---
     resolute, pure

  so vaguely sensed
in youth's
searing summer.

Words ran
  with and in me---

Time wasted stumbling
     after absolutes.
Friedrich, Christiane...
    relief, relief.

Nanette, a kiss
   before breath's
Corybantic play

     Difference pales.

Ashen twilight obscures
          her form
       endless dusk.