Sunday, December 29, 2013

Backhand Eyed Sibylline(A Look Forward to 2014)

Sed quoniam mea causa expedita est, videamus nunc quid haruspices dicant.
Cicero, De Haruspicum Responsis. 

*Please read disclaimer at end.

1. Erdogan indicted for corruption and forced out of office in Turkey.

2. More unrest in Egypt and, as now, met by brutal repression.

3. Civil War intensifies in Iraq.

4. South Sudan regime collapses. US/NATO, in support of clients, rush in to another quagmire.

5. Abe's economic policy leads to banking crisis in Japan.

6. China offers bond purchase program to help Japan in exchange for island rights in South China Sea.

7. US fails to scuttle deal between Japan and China.

8. Israel escalates bombing campaign in Lebanon to take attention off crimes in Gaza and ethnic cleansing in West Bank.

9. Assad consolidates power despite Saudi/GCC/Western support of terror groups.

10. ISIS becomes #1 Al Qaeda group US focuses on by March. ISIS was funded and armed by Saudis/GCC and US/NATO for past 6 years.

11. Obama's approval ratings drop to record lows. ACA will continue to be a disaster.

12. Democrats will lose Senate majority and seats in House.

13. Market correction in April.

14. Peace talks with Iran collapse, as planned by US.

15. Libya descends into a full blown civil war.

16. Pakistan refuses to allow US/NATO to transport fuel, munitions, etc on their roads in protest of Drone strikes.

17. UN condemns US Drone Strike assassination policy as a violation of International Law.

18. Push for war with Iran in US fails due to lack of public support in fall.

19. General Sisi, dictator of Egypt, is assassinated.

20. After market correction in April widespread riots in US.

21. US client state in Yemen collapses. Saudi Arabia invades with US air support.

22. Greater US Military presence in Colombia as well as first use of Drone Strike Assassination in Western Hemisphere against resistance groups.

23. Taliban offensive in May nearly takes Kabul.

*These visions are inspired by the Deity. They do not exhibit any parti pris.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


hunting disease.

Columbian litigation,
human bone
heap mountains.

Archivists weep ink
on dust,
death in measure.

Laws ghostwritten
hidden treasure.

An Epitaph

      "In all societies, which are simply a union of minds, a common character is formed. This universal soul adopts a way of thinking which is the effect of a chain of infinite causes which multiply and combine century by century. Once the tone has been given and received, it alone governs, and everything that sovereigns, magistrates, and peoples may do or imagine, whether it seems to conflict with the tone or to follow it, always relates to it, and it dominates even the total destruction of the society."


                                       Mes Pensees, Montesquieu.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

May Tricks

So many titles for us:
Consumer, citizen, worker, and the ponderous
Take those pills.
They may not make life better,
but best to make it go.

Be thankful the great few
acknowledge us in classified

Subjects of charts and graphs,
stacked higher than Babel,

Reaching a reasonable Heaven
supervisory Gods orchestrate.

We must cherish sacrifice,
for we are always asleep.

They live our collective dream.
Our civic duty is to be happy
(Collateral damage of
Beautifully choreographed

Their license demands our payment.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Marion Heights, August 1952

Agnes smiled when Lover dropper her off and said he'd be around to pick her up at closing time. She'd heard that before. He laughed when Agnes took up the wagon and guaranteed she wouldn't need it.
     It was late August. The days were dry and warm. Around 4 cool winds came as the Sun lowered. At 5 Agnes stopped working and gathered up groceries to take home.
     The sky spread callous orange above the store's closing. Agnes stood out front waiting for Lover. The owner wished Agnes good evening and walked to his house across the street. She bowed her head a little and told him to have a nice evening.
     Lover was across town at the Tavern on his 5th round. Life's good when others buy long as he keeps singing "Old Shep".
     Agnes took her wagon down the road home. Cool wind stroked her graying black hair back. She was 35 with a youthful face, her body strong. Home's only 2 more miles, no better weather for a long walk.
     When Mr. Bell slowed to a stop beside Agnes and offered a ride, she turned her head, laughed, and said the exercise kept her young.
     Dusk gave to night as Agnes pulled her wagon into the door. Her sister had the kids. Lover wasn't home.