Saturday, January 30, 2010


Day's last gasp.
The city sighs smoke
from every rooftop,
loosening and binding

                         Later, under 
                         caul of cloud,
                         fireworks explode 
                         a rainbow of bruises
                         trembling like pain
                         'cross night's 
                         veiled face.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


High above
acres of heath
a wedge of birds
flew into the Sun.

I augured wonders,
unable to divine
the discrete gravity
of ditches.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Anna Vertumna

Fond year's
genial transit,
a timeless bay
where wind never
dishevels hair,
fastens desire.

Tears fall to swell
seeds of lasting joy.
So strong the
vagaries of time
and clime
cannot hold them.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

sak vide pa kanpe

"Le vieux pere en tremblant ebranlait l'univers."

---Gerard de Nerval

The emptiness and inability shakes me. It was so
near but unfelt. Shockwaves expand and take
us in. Images cannot share their burden.

To my brothers and sisters in Haiti: recover and
fill yourselves that you may stand.

It is cruel how poverty exacerbates disaster.

An empty sack is already fallen.

*sak vide pa kanpe= an empty sack cannot stand(tr.)

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A Bargain

Words are naked
to lexiconists.
A surplus value
this page resists.

Dare not laugh
at dumpster-diving utilitarians--
Mining use
from the useless
like anchors over
weigh down
24 hours a day.

Shadows cast by port boxes
sift away the gold
from everyday's

It's hard to deny
anything less than
a dollar's

A miracle of markets
powerful as the touch
of a Saint's rotten bone,

Healing every pilgrim's

Friday, January 01, 2010


May we speak to share, not contest.

Poetical tourism must end. It's not enough to appreciate the radiance
of others and warm ourselves in the light. We must become isotopic
and warm others with our radiance.

Lists are the bane of thinking. A milleniaristic housekeeping clutching
to the things we find dear. Loss does hang above our heads. The mania
of making lists will not bring order or halt to everything passing.

Besides, the Decade doesn't end 'til 2011.

The social realm has been supplanted by the Market/Political world. Most
people no longer engage others as humans, only as categories, based on
their consumption and political assignations. Consumption and political
assignations are so deeply intertwined it's hard to see where one ends and
the other begins. Political Partisanry is merely another Market Choice.
Personality has fallen so low as to become an ardent evocation of brand loyalty.

Generally a gulf of talking points and well placed products stand between people
attempting to have a meaningful conversation.

From now on let's discuss what people purchase as liturgical expressions
of their faith in Secular Religion----Money machine(party) politics.

There is no disgust or contempt in this--- only realism, not elitism.
No apologias or critique, just exposition.

Let's not be fools. Maybe we'll be more polite?

Cakes will be no less sweet and songs will still delight.