Sunday, December 16, 2007

No Balance

The moon's crooked smile gave night an anxious
air. A silvery, cloudless, face expanded above my
head dry as a waking thirst.

A premonition made me call. How to explain these
occult urges? My friend's voice rang hollow. His
breath left him in bursts-- like it was escaping a cold
I consoled his worries with hope.

On a cold, lighted, table his brother passed. The oxygen
rich air did its best to fill my best friend's shattered breast.
I imagine he wept hard and restrained, his face a clenched fist.
Even his pictures of the next day, albeit with a new friend,
couldn't hide a man sucker punched by grief.

In Memoriam Mac. In his heart you will run strong forever.


Later, lighter news awaited my warm eyes. A beautiful Card
and Gift arrived from Texas. Our glorious Bidet sent me something
humorous and thoughtful. I savoured the humor, but not as much as
I will savour the gift on a happier day.

Thanks for the needed laughter, friend Bidet. Your sense
of timing is only eclipsed by your goodness. Bless you.

I hope your beautiful children, kind husband and you have
a wonderful Holidays.

The Cock is crowing. I must go.

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