Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The United States, Empire of Pain

Poverty, Prisons, Torture, Predatory Finance, Drone Assassination, Occupation, Sanctions, Embargoes, Ubiquitous Surveillance: Pain for all who do not submit to elite Pain-givers.

Media celebs ask politicians how they, to be "serious" leaders, will introduce MORE PAIN to the people of "America". How many more prisons can be built? How many more homeless tent cities?

Nary a question about business subsidies, tax evasion by elites, increased military spending and a globalized torture and assassination policy. Pain-giving is always encouraged, never questioned. That's "serious".

It is no surprise Industrial Strength Sadism is fashionable with "American" elites. Inflicting pain on others has been a successful model, easily reformed and expanded, for over three centuries. Not surprising, as the elite's wealth and power grows, pain killer use is now epidemic in the "Greatest Nation Forever".

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