Tuesday, January 03, 2012

When a Political System Has No Legitimacy Authentic Reactionaries Become Messiahs to Luminaries of the Blogosphere

We champion a few institutions sanctioned by the State above all others, Markets and Private Property.  

(Dedicated to Glenn Greenwald, the CATO Institute, Andrew Sullivan, and other Luminaries of the Blogosphere, not forgetting salaried Think Tankers)

It has come to this. "Authentic principles". Championing a candidate for a few sacred threads while ignoring the entire fallen cloth. A man who preaches Gilded Age laissez-faire propertarianism has more appeal than the standard brand R, brand D, establishment candidates (though he carries an R). This is a good thing. Ideological revanchism, hearkening back to original principles lost, will, hopefully, lead to a look past the fog of nostalgia, and inspire a clearer appraisal of our nation's "sacred" origin. Eh, maybe not.

No serious person believes Candidate Paul has a chance, even if elected, of dismantling the War Machine, Inc.. In fact, he himself, at times, finds it necessary to back war when popular opinion demands. He wholeheartedly supported the Afghan War after 9/11, an aggressive action just as unjust and criminal as the Iraq War. A small quibble to be sure, but purists have died for less inconsistency.

Erstwhile blogger activists jumping on Paul's bandwagon still "want to believe" in the system. They treasure hopes this nation will recapture original integrity lost. Alas, rooting for one last daddy figure.

Rep. Paul is the "smarter and better" Reagan of the blogosphere. His failings are charming to bandwagoners who label them "authentic". And, yes, those failings are mere shade set against the billion dollar midnight of establishment money machine politics.

But Rep. Paul has been part of that machine for decades. What has he done other than be a well spoken memento mori for the "Republic"?

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