Thursday, February 08, 2007

Against the Storm of Swill(My Regards to Ernst Junger)

"Mental confusion is not always chaos."

-------- Georg Lukacs, Preface to History and Class Consciousness, 1967.

1. Today the Pharmacopaland authorities have stated 1 in 150 children have Autism.
Hypothesis non fingo has never banked on so much.

2. Pharmaceutical Co's have become the World's largest drug pushers.

5. Do you need a sedative? Could it be your Avatar of Paradise?

6. Uncut Cocks look like rolled up socks.

7. It's alright to laugh.

8. We are all one decision or step from madness. Again, it's alright.

9. A new dimension of gravity is provided by the Media Satellites.

10. Death is never really news.

11. The peaceniks weep over the dying in Iraq these days--Where were their tears when
millions of women and children were left to die in Iraq because of US led Sanctions?
(2.5 Million, mostly women and children, dead according to the UN) I guess Dubya is
more trendy to hate than Bubba.

12. Let's learn to insult one another with love.

13. Again, Jesus Christ was the first Suicide Bomb.

14. I wish Karl Kraus was alive and writing.

15. Gods are humming in my ear. My head feels pleasantly warm.

16. To love Wisdom is to take on a ubiquitous third.

17. Hate and anger are not as bad as misplaced esteem.

18. Brain Chemistry is talked about most by people who know absolutely nothing
about it. In that way it is akin to God and religion.

19. Listen more and talk less. Every writer knows this.

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