Sunday, December 06, 2009


1. Lotteries are nuclear parables.

2. Docility strengthens the mind.

3. Subjectivity and Objectivity are imaginary antipodes.

4. There has never been a Free Market.

5. Temporality is a running wound.

6. The "World" is thought's crisis.

7. History: the mummification of being.

8. Historicity: mummery a la mode.

9. The dismantling of a County Fair teaches us the
ephemeral nature of dream.

10. Blue light mumbles a modest shame from every housefront.

11. We must stop our ears to Earth's grave call.

12. "Is it you, Gallant Poet, who dresses every beauty as a virgin
and whispers, entre nous, 'I've had her.'?

13. Tame eyes stars dazzle.....

14. Shadows stretch as if spirits of objects reach for darkness.

15. Empire is terror.

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Beysshoes said...

Did you find yourself a Portuguese waitress since we last spoke? !