Friday, December 25, 2009

Kalstradamus: Predictions for 2010

Misty images rise from the basin. It is time for prophecy.

1. Gold will be the Bubble of 2010.

2. Oil and the Dollar will increase in value.

3. Afghanistan will start becoming a debacle in May. Pashtuns, not The Taliban.

4. Al Qaeda will increase its activity in SE Asia. Indonesia and The Philippines.

5. The market will continue to rise until a correction in April.

6. The Healthcare "Reform" Bill will pass and become a Pyrrhic Victory
for the Democrats as they lose almost every seat contested in the Mid-term

7. In May President Obama's approval rating will be lower than Dubya's in

8. Former Vice President Dick Cheney will die in June.

9. Pakistan and India will sign a Peace Treaty.

10. China will continue refusing to float the Yuan. Human Rights abuses
will increase and pressure will be put on the US to stand up. The US
will not do anything. Just as it has done nothing to stop the expansion
of Israeli settlements in Palestinian Territories despite President
Obama vowing he'd stop them in his speech at Cairo.

12. The answer to the Climate Issue will come from Technological Advances
in 2010. It's a good thing, because nations would never agree to limit
industry and raise taxes now for a better future. cf. Massive failure at

13. Senator Reid of Nevada will lose his re-election to Senate.

14. An Earthquake in California will lead to massive destruction and
death. The epi-center will be near Santa Clarita.

15. Tiger Woods will die from an overdose of pain killers and sleeping

16. Vladimir Putin will be instrumental in securing a deal with Iran to
stop enriching Uranium and allow it to be enriched in Russia to
only be used in Power Plants.

17. Iran and Iraq will enter into a new phase of relations. More towards
rapprochement despite the Oil Field scuffle now in the disputed

18. Swine Flu fears will die as the once feared "Pandemic" will
ebb away.

19. "Official" Unemployment numbers will reach as high as 15% in

20. The Housing Market, private real estate, will begin recovering in

21. I will Marry the love of my life on November 2.

Principio magni custos Clementia mundi..........

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