Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays( A Message to Everyone)

"Heloise my sister, once dear to me in the world, now dearest to me in Christ, logic has made me hated by the world." ----Peter Abelard, Confession of Faith 

In a faithless world love is the only value worth sharing. Though reason falls to despairing depths and failure is trumpeted as triumph we, in our hearts, know what's true. Love alone can move us in the appropriate direction. It has moved me to share what I feel love to be---something true, more certain than thought. The Holidays are an occasion to share this gift all can easily give. Give freely and become free as the given. Here, my dears, it is. From this point it spreads waves of warmth. Whether you're next door or a world away, love's ability to touch is instant. Hopefully you are touched. 

To everyone a Happy Holidays.

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Beysshoes said...

I don't care about lacey sentiments ... I want my picture. Love & besos, Sarai