Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Genocide Implemented on Iraq Is Not a "Mistake". It's a Conscious Policy of US/NATO Establishment, Through Aggressive War, Sanctions, and Black Operations, to Destroy a Society

Predator with prey.

Sanctions on Iraq caused the deaths of millions, mostly women and children.

One of these men was not a participant for over 20 years of Genocide in Iraq.

For over 20 years both parties in the US, and its NATO allies in Europe, engaged in a calculated assault on the Iraqi people. The genocide practiced in Iraq started long ago and has not ended. It was not a "mistake". It was well planned and championed by an overwhelming majority of establishment politicians, media figures, and policy "experts". Even today 41% of the American people feel the Iraqi War of 2003(a single stage in a long line of genocidal policies practiced on Iraq) was justified. George H. W. Bush began the crime spree with Desert Storm, no fly zones, and sanctions. Clinton continued it with a carpet bombing, routine bombings, and tougher sanctions. His hopes to engage in aggressive war on Iraq were stymied by lack of popular support. Maybe he can find comfort in the fact that more Iraqis died under his sanctions and bombings than under any other US President. George W. Bush took the torch, used a massive security failure in the US(9/11), a pliant media(NYT, WaPo, Every TV News Network) leaking false intelligence about Iraq obtaining Uranium, developing WMDs, and engaging with 9/11 hijackers, to begin a new phase of aggression on an already broken nation: "Shock and Awe". US pols and journalists crowed about sending Iraq back to "The Stone Age". As of today:

                               MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Thank you enlightened Western Powers!

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