Wednesday, March 06, 2013

RIP Hugo Chavez (Political Figures Who Make Sincere Effort to Help Poor People, Rather than Serving Wealthy Interests, are Despised and Vilified by Western Political and Media Establishment)

According to US pols and pundits, Chavez's popularity with the people of Venezuela proved his diabolical nature.


Anonymous said...

Do tell us more about Chavez's sincere efforts to help the poor and down trodden; and how his failings are inconsequential. Bey

Anatole David said...

Reduced poverty rate and built free health clinics for poor. Also used oil funds to build schools and subsidize meals at schools for children. In US the Venezuelan state owned CITGO gave money to pay and provide for heating for 400 poor Americans, etc He helped the poor, not increase poverty rate and widen inequality gap, as Obama has done in US.