Monday, November 05, 2012

Voter SWAG 2012

Victim of Drone Strike
Record Homeless Rate. Inequality rising. More Austerity to Come

Record Incarceration Rate. Widespread Torture, Inhumane Conditions
Increase in Police Brutality, with Impunity
Torture Room at US Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan
Servers at NSA. Dedicated to gathering communications of Americans on Computers, Phones, etc.
Armored Military Vehicles for Local Police Forces provided by DHS
More Bombs for Foreign(Mostly Poor, Muslim, with Water and Carbon Energy Resources to Exploit) Nations that do not Obey

Every vote, even for a Third Party Candidate, legitimizes all of this.

1 comment:

Brian M said...

A good response to smug co-workers ripostes that "you did not even vote so shut up"

Sadly, I did vote for The One in 2008, so I am still guilty.