Sunday, November 18, 2012

Israel's Bombing of Gaza, an Open Air Prison, is Indefensible Genocide(Just Like the Blockade)

President Obama states Israel has "a right to defend itself" after it initiated hostilities when its soldiers murdered a child playing soccer and then followed that by assassinating a Hamas leader on the cusp of signing a peace accord. Aggression is not defense. Israel does not want peace. The mendacity of President Obama and the State Department's "full-throated support" of Israel's genocide is vile but not surprising from a President who boasts about "Kill Lists" and proliferates drone strike assassinations that result in the wholesale slaughter of civilians in several Muslim nations. He casually erases this mass murder through stretching the definition of "militant" to meaninglessness. Palestinians have a right to defend themselves from aggression. Will anyone else step up to defend them? Certainly not a cowardly enabler of genocide like President Obama. 

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You make a difference ... even without voting. Bey