Friday, December 16, 2011

The Timely Demise of John Bull Spengler

"Spengler's theory of cultural cycles, that sociological solipsism, was presented as a doctrine of the perennial nature of sharply divided races which could associate with one another only in the form of mutual destruction."
Lukacs, The Destruction of Reason.

Christopher Hitchens was a journalist adept at exhibiting his fustian conceit in polemics against entire groups, and sometimes powerful or lauded individuals, he deemed beneath him. People of faith, especially Muslims, were subhuman. He explicitly wished death would mock their belief. An Atheist Tertullian who, while living, thrilled as he envisioned the death of countless Muslims in the depleted uranium hell fire of cluster bombs.  

When Hitchens attacked worthy targets(Kissinger, Falwell, Mother Teresa, Clinton) there was always a haughty John Bull sneer. He railed more against their manner, rather than the wrong.

Warmongering caught his eye as something beautiful to behold. Radiating from Thatcher as she went to war over The Falklands to quell civil unrest at home. Refulgent in Bush and Blair as they lied to initiate a war crime spree in Afghanistan and Iraq to appease the venality of War Contractors and Oil Cartels.

Ultimately Hitchens, like Spengler, was a vitalist dilettante. John Bull's apparent when one notes the "Clash of Civilizations", a la Toynbee, flavor of his fervor for the "Enlightened West" to wage a war of annihilation on "Medieval Islam".

The heat of contest, even slaughter, from afar sparked bonfires in his mind. Polemic was his arsenal. Lauding war criminals was the Drumhead Mass. His pen worked for the God above all Gods he worshiped, Empire.

It is timely Hitchens passed as the Empire he adored, often with paternal misgivings, crumbles to a death he'd view with rapt horror.

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