Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sibylline 2012

Apollo sings, prosaically(no more Golden Age), through me.

1. War intensifies in Central Africa. Strife stretching from Congo to Somalia. Involving Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Congo, Eritrea, Sudan, and Somalia. US and NATO will increase intervention. In years to come region will be balkanized and riven with violence.(like SE Asia in 70's, 80's)

2. Reports of P.M. Zardari of Pakistan's death from Cardiac Arrest will fail to cover up successful military coup.

3. Sectarian war tinders to a blaze in Iraq. The US desires this.

4. Assad crushes western funded resistance and holds onto power. This will lead to US intervention.

5. Russian, China, and Iran tighten alliance. Russia also becomes more offensive towards West as NATO deepens ties with Ukraine.

6. China signs new trade pact with North Korea.

7. China allies with Pakistan against India in Kashmir dispute.

8. President Obama expresses desire to openly intervene in Syria. No fly zone and bombing. Russia and China will protest.

9. VP Biden and Hillary Clinton will switch positions.

10. Jeb Bush will be selected as Republican Presidential candidate in brokered convention at Tampa. His running mate will be Senator Ayotte.

11. Economic conditions will deteriorate in the United States and Europe. The United Kingdom will enter into an economic downturn that will make Greece seem a bagatelle.

12. Bank of America, which is technically insolvent, will finally fall when UK, Spain, Ireland, Italy, and Greece default on debt. JPMorgan, Citigroup, and Goldman Sachs will require another bail out.

13. China and Japan's deepening economic ties will further isolate US in Far East.

14. Protests will revive in Western Nations as economic conditions worsen and inequality rises. Police brutality will be fierce and protesters will be arrested under recently passed "anti-terrorism laws".

15.  Jeb Bush and Ayotte will defeat Obama/Clinton in 2012 election. Low voter turn out will be blamed.

16. Mexican drug war will escalate as US falsely ties Hezbollah to drug cartels and views intervention as part of GWOT.

17. War on Iran drumbeat continues. Posturing by both sides. Status Quo of US sponsored violence in Iran.(assassinating Scientists, bombing installations, funding opposition Iranian terrorist groups).

18. Bahrain's Monarchy falls.

19. Widespread protest in Saudi Arabia.

20. Yemeni situation becomes incredibly unstable. Saudi Arabia intervenes with troops with US permission.

21. Qatar struck with bombings for its efforts in Libya.

22. Turkey suffers unrest because of Kurds fleeing sectarian war in Iraq and Syria's civil war spilling over border.

23. Libya's US/NATO puppets will not be held accountable for atrocities. Neither will US/NATO bombers.

24. Assange will be extradited to Sweden.

25. Pfc. Bradley Manning will be convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for reporting war crimes.

26. Worldwide financial collapse in March.

27. Martial Law will be ordered in United States.

28. London Olympics will be postponed.

29. Taliban mounts offensive against occupiers in Afghanistan at the beginning of spring, record casualties and death tolls.


* these are predictions, not wishes or prescriptions or endorsements of predicted events

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