Monday, August 09, 2010

Neo-Conservatism's Abuse of Hegel

A crass misunderstanding and parodization of the Hegelian dialectic(cf. Fukuyama’s absurd “end of history”) could be posited as a propagandizing arm for the ascent of finance capital’s hegemony over western, mainly US, policy since 1945, or perhaps before.It is similar to the vulgarized “categories” of the Right Hegelians(Bauer bros, etc). in the mid 19th century.

Hegel’s Phenomenology was a radical objective idealism which attempted to map archetypes of the human spirit through history. It was an attempt to explain the French Revolution and Napoleon’s modernization of Europe in the late 18th and early 19th Century. Afterwards Napoleon fell and the reaction of the “Holy Alliance” set in.

To mention Hegel as a real force in contemporary western political propaganda is hilarious and shows an infantile understanding of his philosophy. Marx once joked that Hegel has been misused more than Christianity and, likewise, mostly by critical theologians and nationalists.

It is not impossible to “keep it straight”. In fact it’s quite clear. Oligarchies are known by their fruit, not rhetoric. And even the Rhetoric, if intelligently analyzed, shows a clear message wrapped in the same fine phrases. Factionalism is a dumb show for the easily distracted. Blaise Pascal, a brilliant man, stated that man craves distraction no more so than in his pursuit for certainty(Pensees-can’t do accent aigu). Uniforms and titles are presented as authorities and minds duly conform.

A case in point: Our present head of National Intelligence, General Clapper, believed Saddam Hussein and his Super Heroic Sons had Iraq’s WMD smuggled into Syria right before the illegal invasion and bombing of 2003. He stated this on record then and has not recanted it since. President Obama appointed this clown earlier this year. He presented him as a man “eminently qualified”.

A falsehood has never been a “negation” of truth. Where’s the Hegelian dialectic in that? Maybe the type that Marx cites in “The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon”—>”As in Old Hegel history repeats itself again and again. They forgot to add, the first time as tragedy and the second time as farce.”(loose paraphrase)

Neo-Conservatism is a reactionary irrationalism. It has think tanks, lobbying groups, and many government staffers as expositors(on every network and editorial board of all the major newspapers and magazines). Their work is to mask imperial bloodletting and bloodsucking under the rubrics of “Globalism” and “The War On Terror”. It is insatiably Paranoid and Sociopathic. It peddles constant fear and exceptionalism in the same breath. Two falsely claimed absurdities are not dialectical. They serve the same process. There is no struggle in this false antithesis. Maybe a struggle or inability to be truthful. It, of course, contradicts itself at every step. It bases every foreign policy effort on the worst possible case scenario and always without any probable cause. It states it fights for freedom while vigorously suppressing them for the people whose freedom they wish to protect.

Hegel stated the real is rational. Neoconservatives, as mouthpieces for irrationalism, are very real but never rational. Their view of reality is the fetishization of paranoia. Neoconservatism as a policy is irrationalism on par with Goebbels. It sees a Hitler behind every enemy and yet fails to see it violates the same Nuremberg judgments Hitlerism did with its “regime change preemptive strike” foreign policy. War Criminals paint themselves “protectors of freedoms” even as they urge the masses to give up more freedoms in the interests of security. They sell fear(terror) as a drug that requires constant war and a sustained attack on civil liberties as the treatment. There is no dialectical struggle here. Both absurdities aim to consolidate power for the Oligarchs.

None of this has anything to do with Hegel. It has everything to do with a omnipresent 24/7 propaganda machine which scares people into being irrational cheerleaders for crimes against humanity. When they’ve convinced you that your “enemies” are not human where’s the crime? Again, Nazi Propaganda did the same thing with Jews, Slavs, etc etc…The Nazis justified every invasion and annexation with “National Security concerns”.

Again, please, keep poor Hegel out of this. Setting reasonable views against the megaphone of irrational propaganda shows no resemblance to the Hegelian Dialectic. One might just as well drag in Socrates with his agonistic, eristic, dialectic and posit a false struggle is dialectical when it's merely the theatrical charade of propaganda.

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