Sunday, August 22, 2010

It Will End on an Oily Stage

1) Partisanry: Sham Covenants of Propaganda

You really have to congratulate the Petroleum/Banker Cartel’s ability to turn a legitimate and grossly apparent Global Ecological Crisis into a partisan issue. They’ve mapped out the sides and pander to the American “Cowboy”, white hat/black hat, ideological fetish. We see such meaningless bifurcations in politics, economics, religion and, in its purest form, sports. It is a classic marketing technique that goes all the way back to the spread of Christian Doctrine—> “If you are not with me you are against me.”

The “Global Warming” label is now an epithet as loaded with obloquy as “Liberal” in the United States. Any acceptance of Global Warming theory is, much like being a “Liberal”, deemed “anti-American” and a threat to liberty.

Professional ‘rasslin style narratives dominate the debate. People identify with a stance and find pride in “not being fooled” or shame in being “conned by Global Elites”. The entire crisis has been made meaningless in an uneven war of truth versus a well funded propaganda campaign. A real crisis has been denigrated into a trivialized partisan debate. Propaganda hands the Petroleum Cartel the inertia it desires. Why else would they invest billions in spreading disinformation? Inertia towards clean energy initiatives makes them trillions.

Has partisanry improved the US political system? It has improved the entire political system’s ability to reward the super rich funders at the expense of middle and lower class citizens.

2) Ideological Sacrifice through Market Capture

Whoever spends the most money has the ability to disseminate the most (dis)information and capture the debate. It’s amusing some are paranoid about Al Gore and taxes on Carbon consumption when they already pay much more to establish military presence, occupations, wars, government tax breaks and grants benefiting the Oil Cartels controlling everyone’s access to carbon based fuel consumption . And, as others have noted, the Big Banks are in collusion with Big Oil. The Speculative Practices of Banks and Hedge Funds largely game the Oil Price rates on COMEX.

The Climate Change narrative has been “Captured”, in the market sense, by Big Oil Propaganda. The US consumers addiction to Petroleum based consumption is “Too Big to Fail”. Of course the Oil Co’s, taking a cue from Big Tobacco, broadcast commercials highlighting their pious concerns for the Environment and eager devotion to fund Clean Energy initiatives. They talk a good game and do nothing. Quoting Jesus again, “Ye shall know them by their fruits.” They pay lip service and, like Wall Street, continue to engage in a captured market system which serves them.

Propaganda is disseminated to soften the brains of the masses to see real conditions transmogrified by over simplification and obfuscation into false dichotomies. This practice hides the effort of moneyed interests to capture and dominate markets. It is a mass marketing effort to dupe many for the gain of a few. God forbid anyone mention “Class Warfare”! Big Money(Corporatists and Financiers) has been attacking, in collusion with every facet of the US Government, the middle and lower classes for 4 decades! You never hear about this in the MSM. If someone dares mention it they are dismissed as an espouser of “Class Warfare” and labelled as a Socialist or Marxist. Big Money has captured that debate. The Tea Party movement is so captured their eyes fail to see the obvious redistribution of wealth from the poor and middle classes to the plutocrats. They are too busy convincing themselves that President Obama is an evil Socialist and Muslim Kenyan attempting to steal money from real Americans(whites) to coddle poor immigrants and welfare bums! These people surrender all thought to the basest propaganda. It is intellectually and ethically spineless. They are the ignorant tools of racist scapegoating which toadies up to the plutocrats. It is no surprise they came out against Net Neutrality “in the interests of Freer Markets”.

Global Warming deniers are also spineless. They toady up to the Oil Cartel by becoming the ignorant tools of a propaganda which displaces the reality of ecological disaster and, instead, trumps up irrational fears of a “one world government” funded by “carbon taxes” which will only benefit “the Global Elite”. If you look at the Global Elite you will find all of them have built their riches through direct or indirect connections with Big Oil. World Governance is ALREADY dominated by Big Oil. All of the recent military actions, trade and financial policies are based on the need to secure more resource capture for Big Oil. Every nation is involved.

Monsanto, Too Big to Fail Banks, The Petroleum Industry and the Two Party dominated US political system–all utilize this methodology. Their security wing is the US Military(Pentagon), CIA-NSA, FBI, DEA and the FDA. They employ “kind-hearted” NGO’s in poor countries to gain market dominance. Good cops and bad cops abound in this system.

3) The End of Times(Speculative Golgotha)

It is not a conspiracy. The accumulation and centralization of wealth becomes manically exagerrated in Financialization. Capital itself is buried under the dust of Speculative Securitization. Nothing makes money but money in this system. Debt is more lucrative than Capitalist enterprise. Under the euphemism of “market creation” wealth is redistributed from the debt ridden and the savers to wealthy speculators.

Monetarist policy rises as the Golgotha of Capitalism. Austerity measures preached by the High Priests of Finance(Bankers, Investors, Economists, Politicians) expose the fervent desire that in this Passion the people must walk the “Via Dolorosa”, not them. Bail outs Resurrect the bodies of the Zombie Jesus Army(Debt ridden consumers) to labor on Mt. Purgatory in hopes they will pay back all debts to the "Bankers who do God's work". Sadly, they are denied Ascension into Heaven. This time the Crucifiers, Bankers, will rise up Heavenwards on the backs of zombie debtors. They shall “walk with bare feet” and gain Eternal Absolution through the crucifixion of debt ridden consumers in their place. The blood of the people forever washes away their ocean of sin.

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